Bateman Park


3027 Colby Street, near Prince Street

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Oct 2010

RE: Picnic Spots with 6-month old

There is a sweet little park where Colby street dead-ends behind Alta Bates Emergency Room. There is grass, shade, baby swings, toddler play area/sandbox and a few communal toys suitable for babies and toddlers. I used to go there regularly, mostly because it was an easy walk from where I live, and usually pretty quiet. Caveat is that it's not so great if you have to drive to get there -- parking is tough around the hospital. L 

Feb 2009

RE: 2-year-old's birthday at a park

Dear party mom

My daughter's parties have been successfully held at Bateman park in Berkeley for several years. There is a nice play structure, several swings, a big grassy area with trees, several picnic tables, and, perhaps most importantly, a fence around the perimeter. You can't reserve in advance, you just have to get there early. I have tried to get there to lay out my stuff before 9 am for our Sunday parties. Perhaps you should aim for earlier for Saturday parties. Last year there were three parties in the park in exactly the same two hour window. An infant's birthday party, my 8 year old's party and a 12 year old party. It worked out fine, all the parties cooperated, the space was big enough for every one and it was great. Bateman park on Regent between Prince and Webster, on the dead end street of Alta Bates hospital. Try not to stress, a park party is lots of fun.

park party mom 

Sept 2007

RE: Park with swings for babies

Try Bateman Park next to Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley. It has a couple of infant swings and is gated.

Aug 2001

RE: Parks where Spanish-speaking nannies meet

The woman who takes care of my daughter and many of her fiends who are also care providers, are all Spanish speaking and congregate at Bateman park on Prince St. behind Alta Bates. They don't have any formal kind of play group but are all very welcoming. Liz

there seems to be a lot of spanish speaking nannies at Bateman Park right near Alta Bates hospital on Prince Street. Shoshana

Alta Bates Parks

Parks behind Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley.  Two fenced-in playgrounds - one with a fun scary spiral slide for big kids over 3 or so, and another smaller play area for little ones.