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The BASIC Fund is a privately funded organization providing partial-tuition scholarships to low-income families across the Bay Area, helping them afford the cost of tuition at the private school of their choice. This program is intended as a helping hand for families enrolling their children at a private school for the first time.

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Oct 2012

RE: How much financial aid are we likely to receive?

We are a low-income family and receive 80% financial aid at a well-regarded private school that my child loves (and so do we). My child also receives an outside grant (from The Basic Fund) for the maximum amount of $1,600., so in all we pay about $2,000/year in tuition.

We had applied to some other private schools and in one case were offered a much smaller financial aid award, in another case a similar award to what we have now--but this was the school that we liked the best and seemed to be the best fit for our son. We are so full of gratitude for the support the school has shown us and their commitment to our child.

My advice is: apply to schools that you really like, apply for aid, and see what happens. It's hard work, so get ready. Have a public school option as a back-up. Look into private grants that are available to families in the Bay Area--there are others besides The Basic Fund. Good luck! Anonymous