Albany Bulb


At the end of Buchanan Street, just west of Interstate 80, lies the Albany waterfront. The “Bulb,” which belongs to the city of Albany, is planned to be incorporated into the Eastshore State Park. On the Bulb, foot paths wind their way between large slabs of broken concrete. Volunteer plants are mixed in with fanciful anonymous art and homemade structures created by a small, dedicated community that loves this “wild,” little peninsula.

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June 2012

RE: Feeling isolated in the Berkeley Hills - walkable parks in other areas?

The Albany Bulb is a nice short hike along the water with interesting art pieces, right next to the horse track, which kids may enjoy as well.

Crown Beach/Crab Cove in Alameda makes for a great family outing on a warm day, and we love Miller Knox Park as well (in Richmond just past Albany, an underutilized gem). Maya