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  • My son is a rising senior and will take SAT in August.  We are considering enrolling him in a Full SAT class at the Achieve Learning Center in Oakland.  I haven't seen any reviews on it, so please share your experience with them if you have any!

    Thank you in advance!

    My kid did some tutoring at Achieve Learning Center -- not a test prep class. It was very spotty, really depending on what tutor he had. One was fabulous and worked to ensure she would be assigned to him. Others told us they didn't have the background to tutor in the subject he was studying! The office staff was really unpleasant -- have no idea what that was about -- but so notable that it was hard to ignore. Heard from others the same experiences. We've had good experiences with Classroom Matters and People's Test (close approximation of name), which both have SAT prep.

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