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I help smart but scattered students learn to study effectively in less time so they can nail their classes, relax about school, and learn the skills & strategies they need to succeed in school and beyond. The “Skills for Academic Success” program helps students get better grades, and still have time for friends and fun. School skills are life skills. Students who learn how to plan, organize, and learn... do better. 

I'm an Academic Life Coach, Board Certified neurofeedback practitioner, and former credentialed secondary school teacher. I've spent decades learning about the brain, and what it takes to be successful in school. I've taught middle school math, high school chemistry, college social sciences, and am the mother of twins.

Parent Reviews

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My BHS junior was buried in homework from the start of school, as in his past two years. High school has been a persistent nag, brewing daily stress for him, causing this bright quirky fun kid to no longer like school and feel the blues every day. It got to the point of him withdrawing and even quitting his few fun things. I had heard Pat speak at BHS two years earlier on the teenage brain - so interesting! I reached out to her and signed my son up for nearly a full semester of weekly meetings between her and my son. It has been a transformation for him. He has made leaps and bounds in efficiency and organization. He no longer feels buried in homework and his confidence has been restored. He's in control again. His mood and outlook have been revived. I'm so grateful to Pat! She was exactly what he needed!

I attended a lunchtime seminar with Pat and two other parents.  The small group invited interactive discussion while also allowing Pat to insert her advice, without taking over my need to know that "I am not alone" in my struggle with my procrastinating and forgetful tween.  I gained tools to work with my child that have led me to learn patients as I understand his brain is only half-baked.  The tools I've learned to deal with the half-baked brain have been very successful.  Pat has the traditional MFT license, but what sets her apart is that she is a neurofeedback practitioner, former educator AND mother of twins . . . a recipe for  empathetic, practical, knowledgeable, state-of-the art advice.  Her website alone has enlightening information and easy-to-implement tools.   I recommend Pat's service without equivocation.

I have attended three of Pat La Douceur's  free lunchtime seminars for parents over the past several months. These seminars focus  on topics related to teens who struggle with academic achievement. Some of the topics addressed were  procrastination, dealing with stress, and motivating your child. Pat is very knowledgeable and  provides effective  tools and strategies so that  parents  can  tailor them to their own individual situation. After each of these seminars, I  walked away feeling like I had some practical methods for dealing with these issues and how they relate to my teen.  Pat is a professional who willingly shares  her knowledge and expertise in the community.  She is a great resource for parents, guardians, teachers and other  care providers of teens.