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Traveling to Amsterdam and Norway with teen daughter

Oct 2007

We are so excited! We have booked a trip to Norway through Amsterdam on some londstanding (over the past 10 years) frequent flyer miles!! We will be traveling the summer of 2008 for 18 days! We will see Anne Frank's Museum/house in Amsterdam. If anyone has any suggestions with regards to other must sees in Amsterdam and Norway I'd really appreciate it. I'm traveling with my daughter who will be going into highschool and she has never been out of the country, but we have travelled all over the US. She is really into museums and nature. Any suggestions, tips, places to stay will be most appreciated! Many thanks in advance. Summer travelling mom

Norway is a great place for nature lovers! I'd recommend taking the train trip between Bergen and Oslo and doing the ''Norway in a Nutshell'' daytrip, which takes you though mountains, on a boat along a fjord and some truly spectacular scenery. Besides that rather sedentary way of enjoying the country (!) there are all sorts of hiking options. Contact the Norwegian Hiking Assoc. before you leave and when you get there and I'm sure you'll get some great suggestions (and maps, etc.)

Even if you stay in Oslo you can do some nice minihikes by taking the commuter train out the end of of the line at various places. The tourist info booths in the main railway station are very helpful (if crowded in summer, so be prepared for a wait) in this regard and can also give you maps.

Oslo has some nice museums (if rather small by continental European standards). The Munch Museum in Oslo is obviously pretty unique as are the Viking Ship Museum just outside the city and the Norwegian Folk Museum. In Bergen Bryggens Museum is a must see as is the Bryggen part of town -- a preserved/restored medieval trading center. Again, the tourist info people can tell you more about other art and culture museums. Last I was in Bergen, about five years back, there was a fantastic arts and music festival on that, I believe, is held every two years. Huge names in contemporary art and classical music, theater, and so on.

I haven't been to Amsterdam for about 15 (!) years but I did love the enormous Rijksmuseum and the modern (well, then...) Van Gogh museum. And kinda cheesy, but it was fun to watch a diamond being polished in Amsterdam. Also, the Netherlands is a TINY country so do make sure to get out to nearby cities. You can get a train to Delft (home of the famous ceramics) e.g. Not much in particular to see except for ceramics painting there but it's a very pretty town. If you like science museums there's also a great medical museum in Leiden. Have a great trip! Vicarious traveler

We spent one day in Oslo as part of a cruise this summer. We met up with a Norwegian friend of mine who lives in Bergen. It was the one place I wish we had spent more time. Be prepared that Oslo is the most expensive city in the world. The viking museum is a must, and there is also a museum devoted to the arctic explorers all within walking distance of each other. we took the ferry from downtown and they drop you off at the museum stop. The Edvard Munch museum is small and has one (there are 3) of the original ''The Scream'' paintings. We had a salad with smoked salmon on it that cost $25! Since you enjoy nature, just spend more time outdoors. A trip on the fjords near Bergen would be a great idea. Anon

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