Moving to Iowa

Parent Reviews

I can't think of any towns that fit all that criteria (esp. "lots of outdoor activities year round"--midwestern winters can be pretty harsh, as you likely know already) but from experience Iowa City, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin might be worth looking into. Madison does have more diversity as it is a city, not a town, but has neighborhoods within it that are more "town" like and self-contained. I can't speak to the school situation there, though. Iowa City is smaller but it and nearby Coralville have a decent range of ethnic restaurants--and the presence of the University of Iowa lends cultural richness, so the city is less white than Iowa as a whole. That said--still pretty white. It's a liberal island in a fairly conservative state. Has the best bookstore in Iowa (Prairie Lights) and good K-12 schools. Cedar Rapids airport is near so flying in and out of Chicago is an easy, short flight. Good luck with your search!