Moving to Santa Fe

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We just moved backTo the bay area from Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are originally from the bay area and wait tired to Santa Fe and live there for 10 years. We absolutely loved it. There are many people who are transplanting them selves to this area and we had no trouble making friends. The taxes are cheaper, the gas cost less, and yet there are the same variety of experiences and people that we had found in the bay area. Check out Santa Fe. It was fabulous.

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I would consider Santa Fe, NM. A friend of mine just moved there and ended up with a lovely historic condo four blocks from the Plaza. Prices are much lower across the board than California, the food is incredible, they have about 320 days of sunshine a year (the winters aren't bad), and real estate is a bargain -- it doesn't see me to have caught up to many other desirable places to live. Most importantly, that community is vibrant with artists -- Meow Wolf is the most jaw dropping art installation I have ever seen, and people come from all over the world to experience it. There are many concerts and festivals, they have an opera house and great art house movie theater (financed by George R.R. Martin, of Game of Thrones fame), and they have an airport. What they do not have is many big box stores. -- I know, bummer, right?

We have a lovely home in the Berkeley Hills, pure paradise, but I came away from my peek into my friend's life thinking, "I could live here."