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Urologist referral for bladder sling

May 2009

I am writing for my mom. She has had a really rough couple of weeks after a surgery that was supposed to be routine. I need a referral for a skilled urologist or urogynecologist. Here's what's been going on: She had a falling bladder (not sure medical term for this) and went in for a lift - this involved a hysterectomy and then insertion of a bladder sling. She spent the night in the hospital and was then released. At home she had trouble urinating and was getting up every ten minutes to pee but with minimal trickle. After a couple of days of nausea, vomiting, not sleeping, hardly peeing, we ended up taking her back to the ER and she was admitted to the hospital for four days. She came home with a catheter for another day. When the doctor removed it yesterday she seemed ok but then was back in the ER last night to get another catheter because the UTI was still there. She's been on antibiotics since the surgery, and the UTI is supposedly getting better (but it's not b/c she's still suffering) and the doctor does not seem to be offering any advice on what to do next (other than reinsert the catheter). She wants to see another doctor. We need referrals and also would love to know if anyone has experience with having a bladder sling surgery and healing afterwards. Thanks in advance. Laura

I have been going to Dr. Peter Schneider in Orinda. He is the most personable physician I ever had. He is suportive, caring, patient, puts up with my various what-ifs and apologizes if he is running late. His number is 925-253-1650 Anon
I hope you get some useful answers for this.I wanted to let you know of an article i saw in the New york times not long ago about this sling procedure, and problems people have had with it.It's the May 5 issus of The Science Times section (it was not in reference to the catheter problem-but i had a relative who also had catheter issues after the surgery for ten days.it was no picnic.)If you can't find the article, post this again, and i will get it to you. anon
I'm so sorry that the procedure had complications. You received two replies in today's newsletter, one citing an article about the dangers of bladder sling procedures and another recommending Dr. Peter Schneider in Orinda 925-253-1650. Dr. Schneider was my surgeon for a very successful, straightforward bladder sling that I had done after 10 years of incontinence. I thought he'd moved permanently back east, so I was so happy to hear he's in our area again. I checked his photo at http://orindaurology.com/aboutus.aspx and it's definitely my doctor! He's outstanding, and I'm sure he can help you. cured

Urologist for Kidney Stones

Jan 2006

We are looking for a urologist recommendation for my husband who has kidney stones. He has been under the care of his urologist Dr. Chi Lee since the first episode occurred. He's had one surgical procedure to ''break up'' the stones so that they would pass, which they did; but now there are more. Dr. Lee seems very nice, capable and informed about surgical procedures, but we are more interested in NON-surgical routes and potential causes. (I think that Dr. Lee mentioned for him to drink more water during his first visit - definitely underemphasized in my opinion, since my husband was training for a marathon at the time. There was no mention about diet or anything else.) I understand that the exact cause of kidney stones is pretty grey, somewhat hereditary, etc. So basically, we've got the ''what'' and want someone to help with the ''why'' so this incredibly painful, annoying and expenensive cycle will end. Any doctor or other recommendations are appreciated. Anon

I have seen Dr. Robert Kindrachuck at Norcal Urology. He sees patients at his office in Oakland or Alameda. I did not see him for Kidney stones. I found him to be a very patient doctor who takes the time to listen to his patient. He really followed my illness and called me at home to check on my progress. anon
Dr. Chi Lee is an excellent urologist. I would recommend going back to see him with your concerns. The problem your child has is painful and complicated. You are going to an outstanding urologist.
I feel your pain. Well actually my husband feels your husband's pain. I asked mine if he would recommend his and here is his response:

Mine is Jon Floyd in Berkeley on regent- he is fine and certainly does not seem eager to do surgery- in fact he spent a lot of time on the why question with blood tests, 24 hour urine screenings and metabolic tests- but I think most competent urologists would.

We spend a week in the American Hospital in Paris on our honeymoon 20 years ago. Not only were they shocked in France that he was suffering from something they prescribe meds for, as soon as they found our it was our honeymoon the moved him to a private room and moved me in - ah, the French, so romantic. Good Luck! They say its worse than child birth

To the person whose husband is suffering from kidney stones- very few kidney stones are hereditary. For maintenance, it is often best to see a Nephrologist who can monitor kidney function and then see an Urologist when stones are flaring. I think Dr. Robert Kahn in S.F. is the most skilled urologist in the Bay Area. He has been treating me for 30 years. Please contact me by email and I will share whatever I can. And yes, they hurt as much or more than having a baby. liza

Great urologist for hydroseal and spermatic seal surgery

Oct 2004

Looking for a really good urologist in this area for my brother who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska but comes here often. He had hydroseal and spermatic seal surgery 2 years ago and it still has not healed perfectly. He often feels pain and pressure when he is jarred in some way. When he went back to see the urologist who did the surgery in FBX, the guy said ''I'm sorry you didn't get the outcome you expected''...ie: tough..live with it. Any recs. on someone who is not only good, but also kind and willing to communicate and hear his/her patients would be appreciated.

Paul Turek has patients from all over the world. He is extremely patient, very good bedside manner and really excellent with pain issues and revisions of previous surgeries. He is a male infertility specialist, so spends a lot of time working on revising the types of work your brother has had. Another option is Max Meng who was trained by Paul; younger, but, superb surgeon and great patient communication skills. Best wishes to you and your family. pturek at urol.ucsf.edu Tel is 415-353-3076 anon

Imperforate hymen - Ped urologist surgeon at UCSF

March 2010

My 10 month old daughter was diagnosed at birth with a possible imperforate hymen - basically there is some tissue that appears to be blocking her vaginal opening. We have seen the pediatric surgeon at Kaiser, who is recommending that he can open it now with a simple surgery. From what I can find online (the bane of doctors everywhere, I know) it sounds like it might be better to do it when she's entering puberty and has more estrogen present, which can apparently help it heal better without scarring down too much (which might mean having to re-do it). It also sounds like it's possible it could be something more severe like a transverse vaginal septum, in which case I'm not sure they would be prepared to do that surgery at Kaiser. I'm also concerned because this doctor is talking about just incising the tissue open, whereas some articles discuss that it has to be sutured to the vaginal wall to heal properly. I would love it if he is right, and we could just do a simple procedure and fix it, but I don't want to do it too early, and have it not turn out well. On the other hand, I'm also worried that the older she is, the more mentally/emotionally difficult it will be for her, too.

Basically I would like a second opinion before we waltz blithely into a surgery which could have a major effect on my daughter's quality of life. My understanding is that this surgeon is also the same surgeon we would see if we went to Children's Hospital in Oakland. I was thinking there must be someone at UCSF that specializes in this type of problem. If anyone could recommend someone they've seen there (or elsewhere) for a similar problem, I would really appreciate it! If anyone has had a similar experience with their child, and would be willing to share it, I would really appreciate that as well. Worried mom

Find a specialist. When I was a baby, I apparently had this problem, and my pediatrician just ''gave me a little slice'' (says my mother) to correct it. No proof, but I believe that that is one of the reasons I have never been able to have an orgasm (due to nerves being cut). So do her a favor and wait, plus find someone who really knows what they're doing! Very anon

Surgeon or urologist for circumcision revision

May 2008

Has anyone's son had a circumcision revision? If so would you recommend your Surgeon or Urologist? Our son needs a revision and we've spoken with a Urologist who we really liked but are uncomfortable that he does the surgery in a Surgery Center not at Children's Hosp. We also spoke with a surgeon who can do this at Children's Hosp but we were not very comfortable with him at all. We are told the risks of the procedure are minimal but the anesthesia is the biggest concern. Has anyone used the Surgery Center on Telegraph and 38th ish? Would you recommend this for a pediatric procedure? Unsure Mama

our son had to have a circ revision (and bilateral hernia repair) when he turned two years old. we went to chi lee, md who is a urologist who sees both adults and kids. he came to us on the recommendation of our pediatrician, whom i trust implicitly. we were offered the choice of children's or the surgery center and went for the surgery center. we didn't want to be in the OR waiting room with a lot of worried parents. we didn't want to deal with the admissions process that we would have had at childrens. and we had not doubt about the competency of any of the people involved in dealing with our son-the anesthesiologist, urologist, or any of the recovery team when it came to children. our experience there was as good as it could have been. we were the first case of the day (something i totally recommend). we had a private room where the dr and anesthesiologist met with us beforehand. they also gave our son his pre-sedation medication there, so we could totally be with him as he got a little nutty. they carried him to the OR themselves (no gurney!) and that was really good. i thought i'd lose my mind if my son was upset or crying or reaching out to me as he was led away to surgery. none of that happened and it was smooth sailing. the were great with the pain management at home too- gave him a walking epidural since the codeine made him barf. my poor baby! i'd say go for the surgery center- a lot of these drs operate at both and you avoid the whole hospital/sick kid scene. paige
I missed the original post, but had to chime in with my experiences with pediatric urologists. My daughter had a bladder reflux and our pediatrician sent us to Dr. Chi Li. He was fine, although I was uncomfortable taking my baby girl to an office that had viagra pamphlets in the waiting room. But, when my daughter's condition didn't improve, he told me over the phone that she needed to have surgery. I went to Dr. Lawrence Baskin at Children's for a second opinion. Not only was I more comfortable taking my baby to Children's, but Dr. Baskin seemed to be up on the latest procedures. He said we should wait to do anything, and if we needed to do anything, there was a somewhat new, non-invasive procedure we should try first. My daughter did eventually have to have the procedure, and our experience at Children's was good - they are experts at dealing with nervous parents and kids. About a year later, my son developed a hernia, and we went back to Children's. Can't remembe! r the name of the doctor, but he was in the same office as Dr Baskin (Children's Surgical Associates maybe?) My son had to have surgery, and again, overall, it was a positive experience.
I didn't see the original post, but we had a circ revision with Dr. James Betts at Children's Hospital, and I wanted to put in a good word. Although the atmosphere at Children's is busy and not as intimate as a clinic, we had a lot of confidence in the expertise of the people working with our son. Dr. Betts did an amazing job, and our son has no unpleasant memories of the experience (he was 18 months at the time, but he had another surgery at Children's at age 3.5, and he still likes it there). The nursing staff was great.

If anyone reading this is wondering why a circumcision would need to be revised, I'd like to share our story: the OB who performed the original circ wanted to do a ''conservative'' job (i.e., take off only a little), which sounded at the time like she was being really reasonable and not ''old fashioned'' and severe. As it turned out, this resulted in a weird appearance and recurrent adhesions that required uncomfortable treatment (and ultimately, a fairly involved surgery). Needless to say, all this was incredibly upsetting. So, if your doctor recommends anything that sounds like a ''conservative'' circumcision, ask a lot of questions about what that means . . . Anon

Surgery for infant's blocked ureter

June 2004

Our son will need surgery to repair a block in one of his ureters so his kidney drains properly - he has a grade IV hydronephrosis. The surgery is currently scheduled for September. He will be 7.5 mnths old. I am looking to get advice and share experiences and apprehensions with other parents who have had any of the following similar experiences: with their baby, with our surgeon, Dr. Baskin or at Children's Hospital, Oakland.

While I don't have experience with infant surgery per se, I do have experience with Dr. Baskin. He is considered to be one of the best pediatric urologists in the Bay Area. You can also be assured that Dr. Baskin would not recommend surgery unless it was the ONLY option. My daughter was diagnosed with a bladder reflux when she was about 3 months old. At that time she started seeing Dr. Lee. Around 18 months he said her condition was not going to clear up and she should have surgery. We got a second opinion with Dr. Baskin who said that there was a good chance her condition would clear up on it's own, if it didn't there were other less-invasive procedures to try before surgery, and why do surgery when she wasn't experiencing any complications from the condition? And, he was right. At 2.5 she's showing no signs of a bladder reflux! FYI, my daughter was hospitalized at Children's when she was an infant. I was allowed to sleep overnight with my child and the staff were very kind. (although some nurses were better than others...)
Good luck with the surgery.

Pediatric Urologist for baby's surgery

July 2002

I'm looking for recommendations for pediatric urologists. Our pediatrician has referred us to Dr. Chi Lee, but I have been unable to find much information about him. My 5-month old daughter has a condition which may require surgery, so I want to be sure we have the best doctor! Maggie's mom

I actually met with Dr.Lee today as our son needs surgery at age one to correct something. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Lee after meeting with him. He came highly recommended from our pediatrician and does seem to know his stuff. (A very nice personable guy to boot). I think you need to book an appointment about 2 months in advance so you should call ASAP. ruemedi
We were also referred to Dr. Chi Lee by our pediatrician, and we've been very happy with him. (He saw our infant son several times in his office, then operated on him at Children's Hospital when he was 1.) He was friendly, straightforward, patient, and great at explaining what was going on. And his office staff was wonderful--they always plied my son with stickers and cookies and made him feel special. Good luck! Anonymous
My 2-1/2 year old son is having hernia repair surgery in early March. Dr. Joel Piser (in Berkeley) is doing the surgery. He sees both adults and kids. I've only seen him once, but I've heard good things about him. I liked him well enough and he has a good ''bedside manner.'' Obviously the whole experience of having to watch your kid go through surgery is unnerving, but I feel confident that Piser will do a good job. Good luck! cathy
I highly recommend Dr. Sumner Marshall in Berkeley. I had to go a couple of times to follow up after my son's Brit (circumcision), and he was very highly recommended to me by my pediatrician and others. It was a very traumatic experience for me (if not for my son!), but he was a very gentle, kind older man, and he made the very best of an difficult situation -- and my son is fine now! I felt very confident that my baby was getting the best care, and I would certainly use him again if I had the need. Sign me anonymous