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  • I need to find an excellent urologist for a condition that has yet to be diagnosed and treated. From what I've read online, there aren't many urologists who've impressed their patients, and every urologist I've found is male. I prefer to see a woman, if possible. If not, then I'm looking for an MD who treats a good number of women. Please, please share your recommendations! I'm feeling desperate!

    Dr. Frick at Summit is a gyn/urologist. And a woman. 

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Urologist referral for bladder sling

May 2009

I am writing for my mom. She has had a really rough couple of weeks after a surgery that was supposed to be routine. I need a referral for a skilled urologist or urogynecologist. Here's what's been going on: She had a falling bladder (not sure medical term for this) and went in for a lift - this involved a hysterectomy and then insertion of a bladder sling. She spent the night in the hospital and was then released. At home she had trouble urinating and was getting up every ten minutes to pee but with minimal trickle. After a couple of days of nausea, vomiting, not sleeping, hardly peeing, we ended up taking her back to the ER and she was admitted to the hospital for four days. She came home with a catheter for another day. When the doctor removed it yesterday she seemed ok but then was back in the ER last night to get another catheter because the UTI was still there. She's been on antibiotics since the surgery, and the UTI is supposedly getting better (but it's not b/c she's still suffering) and the doctor does not seem to be offering any advice on what to do next (other than reinsert the catheter). She wants to see another doctor. We need referrals and also would love to know if anyone has experience with having a bladder sling surgery and healing afterwards. Thanks in advance. Laura

I have been going to Dr. Peter Schneider in Orinda. He is the most personable physician I ever had. He is suportive, caring, patient, puts up with my various what-ifs and apologizes if he is running late. His number is 925-253-1650 Anon

I hope you get some useful answers for this.I wanted to let you know of an article i saw in the New york times not long ago about this sling procedure, and problems people have had with it.It's the May 5 issus of The Science Times section (it was not in reference to the catheter problem-but i had a relative who also had catheter issues after the surgery for ten days.it was no picnic.)If you can't find the article, post this again, and i will get it to you. anon

I'm so sorry that the procedure had complications. You received two replies in today's newsletter, one citing an article about the dangers of bladder sling procedures and another recommending Dr. Peter Schneider in Orinda 925-253-1650. Dr. Schneider was my surgeon for a very successful, straightforward bladder sling that I had done after 10 years of incontinence. I thought he'd moved permanently back east, so I was so happy to hear he's in our area again. I checked his photo at http://orindaurology.com/aboutus.aspx and it's definitely my doctor! He's outstanding, and I'm sure he can help you. cured

Urologist for Kidney Stones

Jan 2006

We are looking for a urologist recommendation for my husband who has kidney stones. He has been under the care of his urologist Dr. Chi Lee since the first episode occurred. He's had one surgical procedure to ''break up'' the stones so that they would pass, which they did; but now there are more. Dr. Lee seems very nice, capable and informed about surgical procedures, but we are more interested in NON-surgical routes and potential causes. (I think that Dr. Lee mentioned for him to drink more water during his first visit - definitely underemphasized in my opinion, since my husband was training for a marathon at the time. There was no mention about diet or anything else.) I understand that the exact cause of kidney stones is pretty grey, somewhat hereditary, etc. So basically, we've got the ''what'' and want someone to help with the ''why'' so this incredibly painful, annoying and expenensive cycle will end. Any doctor or other recommendations are appreciated. Anon

I have seen Dr. Robert Kindrachuck at Norcal Urology. He sees patients at his office in Oakland or Alameda. I did not see him for Kidney stones. I found him to be a very patient doctor who takes the time to listen to his patient. He really followed my illness and called me at home to check on my progress. anon

Dr. Chi Lee is an excellent urologist. I would recommend going back to see him with your concerns. The problem your child has is painful and complicated. You are going to an outstanding urologist.

I feel your pain. Well actually my husband feels your husband's pain. I asked mine if he would recommend his and here is his response:

Mine is Jon Floyd in Berkeley on regent- he is fine and certainly does not seem eager to do surgery- in fact he spent a lot of time on the why question with blood tests, 24 hour urine screenings and metabolic tests- but I think most competent urologists would.

We spend a week in the American Hospital in Paris on our honeymoon 20 years ago. Not only were they shocked in France that he was suffering from something they prescribe meds for, as soon as they found our it was our honeymoon the moved him to a private room and moved me in - ah, the French, so romantic. Good Luck! They say its worse than child birth

To the person whose husband is suffering from kidney stones- very few kidney stones are hereditary. For maintenance, it is often best to see a Nephrologist who can monitor kidney function and then see an Urologist when stones are flaring. I think Dr. Robert Kahn in S.F. is the most skilled urologist in the Bay Area. He has been treating me for 30 years. Please contact me by email and I will share whatever I can. And yes, they hurt as much or more than having a baby. liza

Great urologist for hydroseal and spermatic seal surgery

Oct 2004

Looking for a really good urologist in this area for my brother who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska but comes here often. He had hydroseal and spermatic seal surgery 2 years ago and it still has not healed perfectly. He often feels pain and pressure when he is jarred in some way. When he went back to see the urologist who did the surgery in FBX, the guy said ''I'm sorry you didn't get the outcome you expected''...ie: tough..live with it. Any recs. on someone who is not only good, but also kind and willing to communicate and hear his/her patients would be appreciated.

Paul Turek has patients from all over the world. He is extremely patient, very good bedside manner and really excellent with pain issues and revisions of previous surgeries. He is a male infertility specialist, so spends a lot of time working on revising the types of work your brother has had. Another option is Max Meng who was trained by Paul; younger, but, superb surgeon and great patient communication skills. Best wishes to you and your family. pturek at urol.ucsf.edu Tel is 415-353-3076 anon