Urologists at Kaiser

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Feb 2010

We just switched to Kaiser, and I'm looking for a urologist for my 5-year-old son. Since my son isn't circumcised, I'm hoping to find a doctor who is at least comfortable and hopefully experienced at treating uncircumcised patients. Thanks so much for your help. new at Kaiser

Anand Krishnan, MD at Kaiser Oakland is our child's urologist. He is busy, but he has always taken the time to answer our questions and uses terminology that non medical professionals will understand. He was pretty thorough in his diagnostic workup and has a great PA working with him.. I don't know about any other pediatric urologists, so I don't have anything to compare him to, but we've gotten good care from him. anon.

Oct 2007

I am looking for a GOOD urologist for my 20 year old. She had surgery when she was 5 yrs. old to reimplant her ureters, as she was getting frequent UTI's, along with frequent bedwetting and urgency issues. Although the frequency of bedwetting and UTI's decreased, she still gets them. What is more than distressing to her is the urgent, over-active (?) bladder issues, which persist to this day. We had some followup with her urologist but were never convinced of the treatment they suggested. She did not like being on Ditropan, and rightfully thinks there must be another solution other than drugs or another surgery. At this point I am convinced the surgery failed. Unfortunately the only insurance we have is through Kaiser, so I'm starting there. We have used acupuncture for other things in the past and are considering it for this, but funds are limited. frustrated but dogmatic

At Kaiser Oakland they have a new pediatric urologist who is just excellent - Dr. Krishnan. Perhaps your daughter is too old to be seen by him, so another Oakland urologist is Dr. Leila Tabibian - again, she has a fantastic patient rapport and you may find find her to your liking. (It sounds like you have very definite ideas about what you expect in terms of advice or treatment. It might help to bear in mind that just because a doctor agrees with you does not make that person a GOOD doctor. It sounds like your daughter has gone through a great deal, so perhaps it is worth entertaining different options and opinions) urology fan

Dr. Lee--he's out of Hayward, he's the best, and we've tried 3 or 4. I trust him, he's an excellent surgeon, and he's the hardest working of the bunch. I have no idea why he's at Kaiser--he seems out of his league there. 784-4246--office Assistant: Sylvia 784-4282 good luck. anon

There are a bunch of wonderful urologists at Kaiser Oakland- I work with many of them. I'd suggest you try to see Leila Tabibian as your daughter might feel more comfortable with a female provider. kaiser doc

Dec 2002

Anyone had a vasectomy done at Kaiser? There are recommendations on the website but none for Kaiser urologists. Thanks, jack

My husband first looked into a vasectomy at Kaiser Oakland, but was turned off by the long wait and some of the people he encountered. It occurred to him to try Kaiser San Rafael - voila, no waiting, and a more pleasant experience overall, considering.

Here's what he says: It was with Dr. Eason in San Rafael. Our time together was intimate but brief. I was subjected to only one bad urologist joke. The operation probably could be performed by a particularly focussed golden retriever. There was a granuloma, but no other complications, and I am sterile but functional.

You realize of course that this is representative of my husband's brand of humor....
-Happily tossing out all the contraceptives!