Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal using new lasers

Sept 2007

I'm looking for a laser tattoo removal from a reputable source that uses new lasers. I had a consultation from a SF plastic surgery center, however, they use older lasers that are quite painful and don't guarantee full removal. Anywhere recommendations from Walnut Creek to San Francisco would be appreciated. Thanks. -looking to be tatt free

My sister goes to the Diablo Regional Laser Center and has been very happy with their work on removing her tatoos. She did mention though that ''I don't think they have the newest, most cutting-edge lasers, but they have definitely been effective.'' Here is their info: 1981 N. Broadway #270 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 925-932-6442 Andrea

Laser tattoo removal?

April 2002

anyone out there had laser tattoo removal? i'm thinking about removing mine, and i'd like to hear recent experiences (with or w/o specific doctor names) about laser removal of tattoos, as well as general recommendations on this procedure (or series of procedures)... thanks!

I have been going to the Diablo Valley Surgery center for the past 3 years. They remove tattoos using laser surgery. It is a timely process; however the slower process allows for a clear/clean removal of the tattoo with no or very, very little trace. My treatment has taken awhile as I took a break from the treatment while I was pregnant (although I was told it was quite safe to do). I have a treatment approx. every 3 months. You can contact the Laser Program Coordinator at 925-689-5277. She will make an assessment and estimate the cost of the removal and time - depending on size and colors involved. M.A.

I had a tattoo removed from my upper arm almost 10 years ago by a plastic surgeon in SF named Dr. Tannenbaum. I still have a pretty bad scar. Actually, an ugly bad scar, which is only slightly less disturbing than the tattoo itself! It was a laser process but I think things have changed a lot on that front. I don't know that I would exactly recommend this guy: he was kind of a cold fish, I got an infection from the bandaging, and he wasn't especially concerned with the level of scarring--to him anything was better than a tattoo. Stanford U. has a well-known laser surgery center, but at the time it seemed a big hassle to get there. Feel free to email me if you have other questions. Good luck. Claire