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Sept 2011

I'm interested in hearing any experiences you've had with Sacred Birth Place, or if there's some other nearby birth center I've missed (I know about Sage Femme, but don't feel it's the right place for me). I see older reviews on yelp and even on here, but I'm looking for more current experiences; particularly as their website seems to be under construction. Thanks! L

In response to your question about the Oakland Birth Center, my boyfriend and I were delighted. There is so much to say about how supportive and professional the mid-wives, assistant mid-wives, childbirth educators were. Their non- judgmental attitudes and vast knowledge facilitated my baby's phenomenal birth. The bi-montly meetings with other parents-to-be were tremendously helpful (and several of us are now close friends). We would be happy to speak with you in person. Cara
I had a wonderful experience at Sacred Birth Place when my daughter was born in Nov. '08. My water broke very early in my labor, so I had to go to the birth center at 6am. Selena and Samsarah met me there and were already prepared in case I had fast labor. Unfortunately, I had a very long labor and my daughter wasn't born until 8:30 the following morning. My entire birth team stayed by my side and were very supportive the whole time. When my labor slowed down, I was able to go walking outside, which really helped speed things up. I was able to labor where ever and however I wanted - in the tub, on the bed, on the birth ball, walking, etc. I was also encouraged to eat and drink throughout my labor.

I'm also convinced that Selena saved me from having a c- section, had I been in a hospital. Because of a previous surgery on my cervix which left some scar tissue, I never fully dilated to 10cm. I reached 9cm and was unable to resist the urge to push any longer. Selena told me to listen to my body, and helped my husband catch my daughter. I didn't have any tearing or need any type of interventions to help me push.

The only part of my experience with SBC that I wasn't completely happy with was how soon I was allowed to go home. My daughter was born at 8:30am and we brought her home at 4pm. I didn't feel ready to be home alone with her and her latch-on wasn't fully established. When I later mentioned this to Selena, she said that I stayed longer than most women after birth, but she apologized for not catching the problems we had nursing. She was able to help my daughter and I learn to nurse without much trouble when she came to my home the next morning. Happy SBC mom

I just had my first baby at the Sacred Birth Place on August 21 and I don't have enough space to write about all the positive aspects of my experience there. A few highlights:

~At the initial prenatal appointment, one of my midwives (I was assigned two) took TWO AND A HALF HOURS to get to know me and my husband, our relevant medical histories and answer all our questions.

~The midwives are extremely knowledgeable, nurturing and non-judgmental. They supported me completely in my wish to have a natural, medication-free birth.

~In the earlier weeks, I had a prenatal appointment every two weeks (later on it's every week). We had the option of attending group prenatal classes before each appointment.

~The birth center is located in a cozy and clean house. The main birth suite is warm and inviting and has many tools to assist in labor, including a beautiful labor and birthing tub, a sling from which to hang, various birthing stools, a comfy bed and exercise ball.

~After my baby was born, my midwife came to my house on days 2, 4, 6 and 8 to check on me and my baby and answer questions (SO helpful during the recovery phase). I also went to the birth center at weeks 2 and 4 for the rest of my post-natal appointments. There may have been more, but I can't remember!

~I was also also assigned a doula, who gave pre and post-natal support and support during my labor and birth.

I encourage you to take a tour of the center and come prepared with your list of questions for the midwives. Please feel free to contact me; I have a lot more to say about my experience! Anne

Oct 2009

I am new to the area and am hoping to have my birth in a Birthing Center in the East Bay. The only one I am finding in my research is the Sacred Birth Place. Has anyone given birth there? Feedback? Or other good options for the next best thing to a home birth? Lara

I gave birth at Sacred Birth Place 2 years ago and was very happy with the experience. Selena Green is a wonderful, caring, experienced midwife, I have full trust in her abilities and will engage her for my second baby's birth. The birth center had just opened when I delivered there so of course I recommend you check the current condition of the facilities and find out how busy they get (i.e. what's the chance another mom or two might be giving birth at the same time as you). Also consider that in case of complications (knock on wood), you will have to transfer to the nearest hospital, Highland General, which doesn't get good reviews and to my knowledge, does not have a NICU. Depending on your insurance, you might have other options for transfer but they will all be further away. I was not worried about this during my first pregnancy but I am now, even though everything went great back then. These concerns would apply to other birth centers too... if your pregnancy is progressing smoothly, and a birth center is your preferred option, I would certainly recommend the Sacred Birth Place. Good luck! Former Sacred Birth Place mom
Oct 2008

hey all, there's so much info on various homebirth options and midwives in the BPN archives... but barely a word on the Sacred Birth Center in Oakland. anyone had any experiences, good, bad or neutral, with the facilities and the midwives there? thank you for the help. claire

Hi The Sacred Birth Place is a beautiful center and Selena Green, LM the midwife is a really wonderful person. I have attended birth with her and she was great, attentive to the needs mother and babies, very thoughtful and warm. She is also very generous of spirit and Community means alot to her. treesa
I gave birth at the Sacred Birth Place in Oakland a year ago (to the day - my baby turned one today!) and had a wonderful experience. Selena Green is a highly qualified, experienced midwife with a very warm yet firm attitude. I could not have wished for a better birth attendant. Feel free to email me if you'd like more details about the birth experience. The birth center is a great environment, feels like a bed-and-breakfast, relaxed and calming. The main birth suite has a tub, if you are looking for a water birth option. I suggest taking a tour of the facility to see if you like the place and the midwives. Good luck with the pregnancy and birth! daria
Jan 2008

I am new to the Bay area and am having a hard time finding a birthing center near a local hospital. I am interested in a natural birth with a midwife, ideally in water. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you

there is only one birth center in the East Bay, now called Sacred Birth Place. it just re-opened in 2007 under new ownership. it's in Oakland in the Ivy Hill neighborhood down the block from Highland hospital and within 5 minutes of Kaiser hospital.

Selena Green is the head midwife/co-owner. i'm due at the end of february and she is my midwife. though we're having a homebirth, we liked having the option of birth center and proximity to hospital. All of our prenatals & childbirth preparation classes are at the birth center which has a great comfortable environment. The birth suite has a jacuzzi tub, outdoor seating, cozy electric fireplace and queen-sized bed. SBP has on-site prenatal massage & reiki. Selena herself is wonderful! have a blessed birth! lpn