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Re: Therapist for painful intercourse (Aug 2003)
[In addition to a sex therapist] I would also encourage you to look up Dr. Jerome Weiss, a urologist in SF. He employs physical therapists who work with people who have vulvodynia (which he believes is actually caused by pelvic floor dysfunction), as well as a woman who does biofeedback for this problem. He believes that the problem is actually a muscular one and that the internal cause refers pain to the vulva--causing painful sex.
Re: Therapist for painful intercourse (Aug 2003)
I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having. Like you, I have had major sexual issues (severe pain and tensing up) due to some invasive medical treatments I had as a child.

My primary care physician in SF referred me to Dr. Jerome Weiss (also in San Francisco) at the Pacific Center for Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction. He and the people who work for him have changed my life. I NEVER thought that I'd have a normal sex life, but they have helped me so much. He's not a sex therapist, but uses biofeedback and myofacial techniques to recondition tensed and atrophied muscles. He and the people who work for him are very kind and realize that there are many emotional issues that go along with the physical side of our situtation.

The only difficult thing with Dr. Weiss is that he does not accept insurance. You can try to get an out of network approval for him (since there's no one else in the area doing what he does), but as you can imagine, there's a bit of red tape to muddle through. However, don't let this prevent you from seeing him. He's great and you deserve to lead a completely happy and fulfilling life. good luck....