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  • Osteoporosis specialist in the East Bay

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    Hi:  We are new to the area and I need to set up an appointment with an osteoporosis specialist for monitoring and treatment.  Any recommendations will be so helpful!  We are not in the Kaiser network.

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Nov 1999

Does anyone know where you can get a bone scan or whatever screening test is done for osteoporosis, at little or no cost? I seem to recall some time ago that tests were being offered at Long's Drugs or similar, but I haven't seen anything lately. Thanks!

I understand that X-rays will not be as accurate as another type of non-invasive diagnosis: DEXA. The latter can detect bone loss earlier than the X-ray. Unfortunately, I do not know where one can obtain this screening for low/no cost.
The Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education offers a Bone Density Test for $25 at Longs Drugstores. You can contact them at 510-832-2663.
I had a bone scan at a Long's Drugs a year or so ago. The VNHA (Visiting Nurses and Hospice Association) was running the scanning program so you might check with a local VNHA office to see when or if VNHA will be running the scanning program again. I was told at the time that a bone scan done in a clinic or hospital would be more reliable, so if you have medical insurance, then perhaps your gynecologist could give you a referral.

I also was given literature by a group called FORE. I forget what the acronym stands for, but I think it's something like Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and something. So you could look for a local or national listing for FORE as well.

I was at Longs at Shattuck and Rose on Friday and there was a poster announcing that bone scans would be given this Tuesday, Nov. 30. You might call that store directly for times. I checked the program out one time and found that the technician does go to lunch at some point so you might also want to get an idea of when that might be.