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January 2006

I am exploring all the childbirth options in the area and am curious about Marin General and midwives who attend births there. This is my second baby, mostly I'm looking for a warm and supportive environment for a natural birth. Any feedback, particularly about midwives who attend births there, would be most welcome! thanks! anon

Amrit Khalsa and Yeshi Neuman are fabulous midwives who deliver at Marin General under a practice named ''Homestyle Midwifery''. I believe they have a website if you search on Google. anon

I had my baby with midwives at Marin General Hosp and it was a great experience. I don't think you can go wrong there. No tub though. Actually, we started out at home and intended to stay there. We used Circle of Life Midwifery group (and their tub) in Fairfax, CA (West Marin), who use Mark Jacobs, MD and his midwives (San Rafael) as hospital back-up. My midwives (Joan Green, Diane Holtzer and Leopi Nicola who is actually in Berkeley) were phenomenal, and it was Leopi who was with us ultimately and who followed us to the hospital once we were transferred. Once there one of Dr. Jacob's midwives took the lead (as is policy), and the team got along great and she was great. I had met 5 different midwives from his group and they were all thoughtful, patient and oriented toward natural childbirth. All of them, including the midwives from Circle of Life, have balanced backgrounds of both scientific and natural approaches . . . the best of both really. Circle of Life Mid! wives I believe have the most experience. Michelle