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    My teen daughter has struggled with picking as well as eczema. Looking for a great dermatologist who can help with related skin issues. TIA. 

    Love our dermatologist Ingrid Roseborough. Both kids and me. 510 4524900

    My teens started seeing Jason Fung on Webster Street in Oakland. He’s terrific, as is his team. Very personable, thorough and responsive. Our whole family sees him now for any skin issues. 

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2008 - 2011 Reviews

Dermatologist for teen's serious acne problem

July 2011

I am looking for a new dermatologist for my 15 year old daughter who has a fairly serious acne problem on her forehead. Her current doctor prescribed medication that doesn't seem to work very well, even after a year of treatment. And frankly, we think he's just too old and uninterested in the acne problems of a teenager. We'd like to find someone who is very knowledgeable about teenage acne treatments, as well as methods to eliminate the scarring from acne. We prefer to see doctors in the Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda areas. Alameda mom

I can recommend Dr. Warren Dotz @ 2999 Regent St. in Berkeley for dermatology. My teenage son has pretty serious acne and Dr. Dotz seems to take it as a point of pride to reduce it to zero if possible, or as close to completely clear as he can get. Although we have not seen a dramatic improvement, I don't think it is due to Dr. Dotz's lack of trying. I'm not sure how consistent my son is in using the various topicals he has been prescribed and he is unable to take the oral medication (due to side effect issues) that Dr. Dotz feels is his best shot at really clearing his skin up. That said, he has made several changes to the medications my son is able to use in an effort to get a better result and we definitely see some improvement. He also took the time to help get a medication approved by my insurance company that they had initially denied. I can't imagine him sticking w/something for a year if he was not seeing improvement in the patient. He is very matter of fact, not warm and fuzzy, and tends to repeat himself, I assume in an effort to be clear. That said, I think he is very knowledgeable of treatment options and very committed to getting a good result. Mom of teens

We used Dr. Littman on Telegraph. His office is called Affiliates in dermatology. He's probably 50, but was great with my son, who asked if he could have Acutaine, which we all know is SUPER dangerous to pregnancies, so he might not go there with a girl. He does listen though, and is not a 'boutique plastic surgury'' kind of guy. My sons been clear now for two years.... Reenie

I see Dr. Homa, but all the doctors are great. They use all modalities to improve skin conditions. Dr. Homa has been particularly great about matching treatment to my particular skin sensitivities.

Their Hercules office is right off I 80 and there is plenty of free parking. I find it much easier to get to and park than dermatologists I used to go to in Berkeley and Oakland. They take most insurance and do a great job processing it.

My daughter also had great acne treatment from Dr. Katie Rodan in Oakland

She is a creator of various skin care formulas. She and her staff were exceptional in instructing my daughter how to care for her skin - sometimes little details make a big difference.

Finding great doctors are important. Hope this helps. Helpful

I highly recomment Dr. Fong. Her number is 510-524-0224 mother of a teen

I would also recommend Dr. Kathy Fang in Albany 510-524-0224. (Note correct spelling of her name). In addition to acne, she is also great in dealing with psoriasis and other issues. dej

I've been really impressed with the way Dr. Warren Dotz has been working with my 17 year old son on his acne--and I phrase it that way because with teenagers and acne, they need to own the daily program. Dr. Dotz saw my son frequently and modified the treatment regimen until we had something that was really working to control the acne. The next step would have been Accutane, but my son had an excellent response to the topicals. My only regret is that I didn't take my son to Dr. Dotz sooner, as he does have some residual scarring. taking acne seriously

Walnut Creek/Lamorinda Dermatologist for acne

April 2010

I am looking for a referral for a dermatologist, preferably in the Walnut Creek or Lamorinda area. There are not a lot of current recommendations on the web site. I am looking for my teen daughter, who seems prone to awful red blemishes that leave a scar, and just general advice on skin care for her. Please don't recommend Dr. Julie Billings, as I know she is wonderful but she is not accepting new patients! Someone also mentioned a skin care specialist/esthetician in Lafayette that was very helpful with teen skin, and sadly, I did not save that recommendation, so would appreciate that information as well. Thank you! Claire

I've been very happy with Dr. Daniel Wall who has an office near John Muir Hospital, on La Casa Via in Walnut Creek. He is very personable, friendly and approachable. His staff is also that way. I've always been seen on time, they are not overly pushy with the products they sell, but what I have bought there I have loved, and still use. He is also the team dermatologist for the SF Giants, which is cool! Karen

2004 - 2007 Reviews

Dermatologist for Teen in Berkeley

Sept 2005

My son has started a regiment of treatment with Dr. Epstein, however we waited 2 hours to be seen. I was told by other patients that it is not unusual to wait 1 to 2 hours to be seen, even when you are on time. I'm not willing to spend this amount of time waiting for a 15 minute office visit and would like to find someone else. I've contacted Dr. Dotz office and he is not taking new patients. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks. Denise

Try calling Dr. Dotz again in a few months, if you can wait; sometimes a spot opens up. That's what I did and I was able to get in to see him. I'v only seen him once so far for minor eczema, so I don't have a lot of feedback, but he was very attentive and I was happy with our visit.
dr. dotz patient

Dermatologist for 15 year old with mild acne

April 2004

Looking for a recommendation for a local (East Bay) dermatologist for my 15 yr. old who has mild acne and dry skin. Thanks for your input.

I prefer Dr. Katie Rodan MD, 510 763-2662 . She has an office in Oakland. Her staff is great. She is now a famous dermatologist, but you can usually see her in a timely fashion, Dr. Rodan is the kind of doctor who makes you feel like you are her only patient. She wants you to get well. Great with teens. My daughter is very comfortable with her. I have seen dozens of derms throughout my life and she is the best. Use my name if they ask for a patient referral. claudia

2003 & Earlier

Dermatologist good with adolescents

September 2002

My 6th grade daughter has some minor (of course, not in her opinion) acne, which responds fairly well to Retin A. But the problem for which we asked for a dermatologist referral is blackheads. She seems especially susceptible to developing them and her self esteem is greatly effected by them. We were given this list of dermatologists by our pediatrician. What I would like to know is which, if any, of the MDs on this list any one can recommend as particularly good with adolescent girls with cosmetic skin problems.

My daughter saw Dr. John Doux in San Leandro last year and we both liked him. He's fairly young and is sympathetic to the agony of acne etc. My daughter's acne had not responded to Retin A and so he prescribed Acutane. He was very frank about the controversies surrounding the drug and we had a good back and forth discussion. We chose Dr. Doux because he was the only one on our ABMG/HealthNet list with any appointments sooner than 6 months down the road. San Leandro was easier to get to than I realized and we would definitely choose him again. Sally

Kathy Fang was recommended to us by our pediatrician, Olivia Lang, and she immediately knew what the minor skin condition my daughter had was, and knew how to deal with it (and she was right!). She is in a lovely office in El Cerrito (huge waiting room--an issue for me, with a toddler!), and is very nice, in addition to really knowing what she is doing. The whole going-to-the-doctor experience was just nicer with Kathy Fang, largely because of the location (right near El Cerrito Plaza). I am sure others can give you adolescent- specific information, but wanted to throw in my 2 cents based on my experience. Good Luck Donna

I don't have experience with E Epstein re adolescents, but I have been a patient of Epstein's, as has my 22 month-old-daughter. I like him quite a bit as a person, but his office is always crowded (tiny waiting room, in his Oakland/Pill Hill location), and he never did completely figure out what was going on with my daughter's skin (he did know what was going on with me, so that was fine). Donna

July 1999

I've been favorably impressed with Elizabeth Ringrose, who has been treating my teenaged son. Margo

We have had good luck with Dr. Ringross. My daughter, adopted in China, has mysterious skin - probably just eczema but always interesting, unusual forms, it seems. I was very dissatisfied with another derm. (not on your list) and Dr. Ringross was helpful, knowledgable and kind to a 4-year-old. She is an unusual type in Berkeley, somewhat older and very prim and Southern, but so what. We liked her. And I would go to her myself if I needed to. Peggy

April 1999

Dr. Elizabeth Ringrose is really wonderful, especially for sensitive teenagers. She is direct, funny and kind. Problem: in addition to her private practice, she is on staff at Children's Hospital and Tang Center (Student Health) at UC Berkeley and it will take you awhile to get on her schedule as a first time patient. Worth the wait, if you can handle it. (Anyway, you'll find many dermatologists have long wait lists when you call around.) Emily