Deena Neff, MD


3045 Telegraph Ave - Suite 2, Berkeley CA 94705

Archived Q&A and Reviews


March 2004

Re: Hill Physicians Primary Care Doctors
I can recommend Dr. Deena Neff in Berkeley, with some qualifications. None at all with the doctor herself, she is warm and caring, skilled and careful. The lady looking for a lesbian-friendly doctor would also be quite happy with Dr. Neff, I'm sure. The qualifications are for the office, the Berkeley Primary Care Clinic, which is located in the old Herrick hospital. These guys are just not as organized and accessible as they could be. I've had appointments where all went well, and others where I had to wait for more than two hours, or (in one case), I waited an hour only to find out they didn't have me on their list for the day after all. When I first started going there 4 years ago, they were fine. Two years ago was the worst; they seem to be getting a little better now. At any rate, I'm fairly certain Dr. Neff is accepting new patients. I know how it can be when people rave about some doctor(s) and you call only to find out that they aren't accepting new patients. The office number is 204-4666. Good luck, Dianna