Richard Unger, MD

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Editor note: Richard Unger now practices at Kaiser Walnut Creek

I am looking for a new PCP. Would others share their experiences with Richard Unger at Berkeley Internal Medicine? Thank you. S

Richard Unger was my primary care physician for years. I thought he was a very good doctor (considered to be a doctor that other doctors would see). I have no complaints about his medical care but I was frequently unhappy with his personality. My oldest girlfriend still sees him but generally shares a story about his lack of personality. However, just recently, he actually went to meet my girlfriend to give her a much needed tetanus shot at 8:00 in the evening. We were both surprised by his actions. I stuck with him because I felt a quality physician without personality was better than a personality without quality. The only reason I left is because my health care is now with Kaiser. ND
I have Dr. Unger as my PCP. While I think my medical care in general is fine, he is often far too busy to return calls. For instance it once took him more than three hours to call me back after I had complained of chest pains (on my left side). On the other hand, he was terrific when I had food poisoning and stayed with me in his office well past hours to administer an IV and make sure it helped. I have had limited contact with one of his associates in the practice, Dr. Tranh (I think that's how you spell her name), and find her to be less hurried and much more comfortable (I had pneumonia when I delivered our second child and she was on call). I would recommend her over Dr. Unger as I think she may have fewer patients and more time to spend. CW
Richard is my doctor and I like him a lot. I don't however like his office and the hassle of getting to him through his staff: being put on hold, cut off, messages lost etc., and I have considered switching practices because of this. It's a big practice and the front desk is pretty impersonal and not particularly friendly. But as a doctor himself, (and his partners whom I've seen), he's good and has made a point of seeing me when I needed it, even when it meant staying after hours to get me in for an urgent problem. He's also attuned to being a parent, and the effect that has on us, I've had to bring my kids in with me several times and he's very nice about it. -- CK
I have been seeing Dr Unger for 5 years now. I have had a very good experience with him. He always takes the time to explain all tests and procedures as well as listening to my concerns and questions. I highly reccomend him. Gabrielle