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  • Hi folks,

    I'm looking for a new PCP and I'm interested in joining this medical practice. I'd love to hear about people's experiences with any of the following physicians:

    In Emeryville: Talia Gracer; William DeWolf; Denise Yun. In Oakland: Lara Charneco, Nicole Kaipusi, Aimee Keyashian.

    Also, I'd appreciate any thoughts about the office in general (especially compared with Sutter/East Bay Medical Foundation, where I am now and unhappy with the billing department and some minor misdiagnoses by staff members other than my PCP).

    Many thanks!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Physicians reviewed: Monica Eisele-Flint, Marci Gottlieb, Maia Hightower, John T. Jones, Susan Lu, Jean Rhow, Leslie Tim, Katy Young-Lee
Dec 2011

Re: Dr. in Alta Bates Med Grp who takes Health Net
I have the same insurance and see Mia Hightower on 30th near Telegraph. She is really amazing and actually spends time with you and listens! She is part of a fairly large group that includes internists & endocrinologists. I think you will be really happy with her. Happy Patient : ) Kim

August 2011

Re: Doctor for 21-year-old young female
I'd like to recommend my internist, Dr. Monica Eisele-Flint, who's at Associated Internal Medical Group in Oakland. She's young, smart, and has a good bedside manner. I imagine she would be understanding about the texting/pain issue your daughter is having. happy patient

Oct 2009

Re: Internist that's a smart diagnostician and concerned with the whole person
I just completed a major search for an internist in the East Bay who's in HealthNet PPO, highly recommended, and taking new patients. I just began seeing Dr. Maia Hightower, 350 30th Street, Suite 320, Oakland, CA 94609, (510) 465-6700 and am really pleased. I was ill and she made the time to see me the next day even though I was a new patient. She listened carefully, was respectful, laughed with me about how our small children are like petri dishes cooking up diseases that make their parents ill. Very humane. Good luck! One pleased momma!

Oct 2009

Re: Primary Care Doc covered by Health Net HMO
I really like my primary care, Dr. Katy Young-Lee. She's on 30th street in Oakland, near Summit Hospital. I've has HealthNet HMO for years -- I believe she is part of both Alta Bates and Hill Physicians Medical Group. Phone is 510.465.6700 anon

Jan 2009

I'm looking for a good primary care doc in Blue Cross Plus's system. Does anyone have any experience with Marci Gottlieb in Oakland (Associated Internal Medicine Medical Group). This is my first foray outside Kaiser, and I'm looking for all the usual things plus an understanding of the mildly doctor-phobic. Thanks for any information, positive or not. Carol

Marci Gottlieb has been my general practitioner for three years - I like her very much & my husband goes to her too. She is nice, candid, no-nonsense, and very good in a crisis. I recently saw her for a cluster migraine that didn't respond to treatment - she quickly got me started on a different medication and kept calling me for three days until the migraine was finally gone. She is very responsive - I recommend her. Her practice is large, but very organized & all the people are nice. anon.
I was a patient of Dr. Gottlieb when she was still practicing in SF, she is great. She has a gentle hand, time for her patients and is very personable. I moved to Alameda a few years ago and the only reason I don't have her as my PCP now is due to insurance reasons. I'd recommend her highly. Marci Fan
To the person who posted about Dr. Gottlieb. I used her as my primary care physican. And I thought she was great. I'm not sure if it is because she's an internal medicine doc as opposed to a family practice doc but each time I saw her she spent lots of time with me talkin. She was open to questions and was great at explaining things. She would send me copies of any test results with notations on it, which has always been like pulling teeth in any of the other practices I've gone to. I always seemed to be able to get in quickly to see her and I never had to wait for very long. I would highly recommend her! I switched away from her because I wanted to see a high risk OB for my current pregnancy that was not in the same medical group Dr. Gottlieb belonged to, but I plan on switching right back after birth. Jennifer
March 2008

Re: Female MD that takes Blue Cross PPO?
Dr. Jean Rhow is a female PCP who takes Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and is based in Oakland; 350 30th St.; 510 465 6700. Having recently moved here and wishing to initiate a relationship with a general practitioner, I went to her for a complete physical and general consultation. Very pleased with her thus far. She moved with her family to the East Bay from San Francisco so joined the practice only recently and is re-building her practice. Karen

March 2008

Re: Woman Doctor in Berkeley
Try Dr. Katy Young-Lee in Oakland near Summit Medical Center. (510) 465-6700. She's great, and I'm pretty sure she's accepting new patients. I was in a very similar situation as you the first time I made an appointment with her (admittedly, quite a few years ago) with a really bad earache, and the office fit me in the next day. There's also a Physician's Assistant there who can almost always see you on very short notice if Dr. Young-Lee isn't available. I've always been really impressed with her and I'm glad she's my primary care doctor. Good luck!

June 2007

Re: 38-year-old mom looking for doc in Oakland
I highly recommend Dr.Katy Young-Lee in Oakland. She's over by Summit hospital. She's about 38 as well, and is a mom to 2 young kids. She's warm, intelligent, and very easy to get a hold of. Their office lets you email your doc with your questions. The office is called Associated Internal Medicine, located at 350 30th St., suiet 320. The website for the office is You can read the bios of the doctors. Good Luck, katie

May 2007

I need to find a new primary care physician and have narrowed my search to Drs. Katy Young-Lee and Mary Miller. (I've also heard good things about Dr. Nina Birnbaum, but heard she's no longer taking new patients.) Would love to get some feedback on either. I need someone who takes the extra time to help me manage a chronic health problem as well as someone who's open to alternative treatments. Thanks!

I've been with Dr. Young-Lee for the past 3+ years. I think she's a great doctor: very thorough, personal, good bedside manner, professional, & seems to sincerely care about my health improving. For example, she's taken notes for me during exams for follow up that I would normally forget. I've also seen her look things up that she wasn't too sure about during our visit, which impressed me, considering that she's Board Certified. She's also very prompt about follow up calls on test results & even gave me her cell phone #. She also emails, which most doctors don't. I don't know if it's the policy of their office to provide email as well as cell phone #s, but I also have to say that I find their office very efficient. I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes before seeing her. I can't say that about any of my previous doctors, including my OB. Dr. Young-Lee is also a mom of 2 young children, so it helps to hear her empathize with me on the hardships of raising 2 kids, nursing, etc. Fan of Dr. Young-Lee
April 2007

Re: Looking for a new doctor

Dr. Susan Lu is my primary care doctor and I really like her. She always seems to know who I am (strange because I don't see her that much), and is genuinely concerned about whatever problem I bring to her. She often errs on the side of caution - she'll recommend tests or specialists if she thinks there may be something deeper at the root of a problem. and while she is as rushed as every other doctor in the world, she takes her time with you so you don't feel like you're counting down your time allotment with her.

I like that she's down to earth, and that she's willing to recommend home remedies instead of medicines for everything. I've never really brought up alt. therapies with her so I don't know how she is with such things. And she always gives me parameters for feeling better, if I don't feel better by x time, call her and we'll change things. I like that a lot because it's not like you're sent out with your perscription and left to fend for yourself.

She's pretty available, I can leave a message and she'll call me back within a day or less if it's urgent. She's even called me on a Sunday just to give me results of a test. You can usually get in to see her within a day or two, and they have a physician's assistant or two available in case she can't see you. And the office rarely runs late. I don't know how they do it, but I'm usually not kept waiting more than 5 -10 min total.

She's also given me really good referrals to my OB, ENT guy and a dermatologist, all within the group. I like her, and hope you will too. Good Luck. Claire

April 2007

Does anyone have any recommendations about doctors who are part of the Associated Internal Medicine Medical Group in Oakland? I am a new mom in my late 30s. I was hoping to find a good & sensitive doctor who has also raised a child/children; I'd like to be able to ask questions about breastfeeding issues as well as other new mom concerns. I am a smart person, but I tend to stumble around words when I talk to doctors. I want to find a compassionate doctor I can easily talk with & develop a good doctor-patient relationship with.

I recommend Dr. Katy Young-Lee at Associated Internal Medicine Group. I have been a patient of hers there for a few years and, although I don't see her often, I have always liked her. She recently had her second child and does understand the various challenges that can come up regarding having children. In fact, when I was having terrible constipation problems while breast feeding my twins, she gave me some great advice. She is easy to talk to and responsive. Good luck!
I am also a new mom in my late 30s, and have been seeing Dr. Young-Lee at AIMG. She too has young children. I have found her to be available, practical, helpful. She's thorough and attentive. I'm pleased with her and the practice, although if you need hand-holding and help allaying fears/hypochondria she may not be for you. Anon
Feb 2007

Re: Young Woman looking for reliable Doctor
see if doctor Leslie Tim is taking new patients. I found her to be a good listener, researcher, and never ready-to-prescribe unnedded meds/tests, etc. happy with minimal poking too

Oct 2006

Re: New Primary Care Doctor Hill Physicians Alta Bates
Try Dr.Leslie Tim. It's been a couple years since I switched from her office due to my move but I was happy with her and her staff. She's part of a larger office of 8? or so doctors, but I only ever saw her and her nurse. I never had any issues with the staff. goodluck

August 2006

As my primary care MD is leaving, Associated Internal Medicine Group, I'm interested in hearing reviews of any of the remaining doctors at that group- Rachel Callaghan, Marci Gottlieb, John Jones, Michael Kim, Susan Lu, Dean Nickles, Katy Young-Lee, and Leslie Tim. I'm interested in a doctor who takes the time to focus on the whole patient, on causes (not just symptoms), and who is reasonably prompt in responding when needed. Any feedback, postive or not-so, would be greatly appreciated! Also, any raves about other PCP's who can accept Health Net (and are accepting patients) would also be appreciated! I have a mild preference for a male PCP. Many thanks! Dave

I have been seeing Katy Young-Lee for a couple of years and have been very impressed. She is very quick to follow up on issues and never lets things slide. She is also very personable, i always feel that she knows who how I am. Very different from East Bay Family Practice where the Dr. introduced herself to me one day - she could not quite remember that she helped deliver my child. happy with Primary
I used to see Dr. Leslie Kim before needing to find a new doc due to insurance. I liked her. I felt she listened and treated me as a fellow intelligent adult. She didn't just diagnose and write a prescription, but took time to explain the ''why'' whatever symptom was being felt/experienced. I never saw another doc at the practice so cannot comment on the others. I do recall when I first started going there, having a conversation that the practice was evolving from mostly an ''old boys'' medical office to hiring a lot of younger docs, especially women. By saying that I just mean to point out that the male doc in the practice may be older and sooner to retire and have you looking again. happy with Doc Tim
June 2006

Re: Physicians who won't suggest homeopathy
You want my doc: Leslie Tim, M.D. I don't consider her warm; she is strict about things like how you're supposed to ask for a prescription refill and impatient if you can't remember your last period. BUT every time I've left a message, she calls back the same day to respond; she sees patients on time; her staff is professional; and if she says she'll do something (like fax a referral), it gets done. And no weird recommendations for secret herbs or organic body kneading. Her office is on ''Pill Hill'' in a building on 30th in Oakland with competent valet-only parking. 510-465-6700 --Sarah in Oakland

March 2004

Re: Hill Physicians Primary Care Doctors
I'd highly recommend Dr Leslie Tim. She is very thorough. I have been using her for 3 years. Her bedside manner isn't the warmest, but she is worth it. A friend recommended her to me. I'd also recommend seeing the nurse practitioner, Miranda something, if Dr Tim isn't available and you need to see someone. I'm not sure if she is accepting new patients. a happy patient Oct 2004

I am looking for a new primary care physician in the Alta Bates Medical Group. My OB/GYN suggested Dr. John T. Jones whose office is in the Pill Hill area. She said there are 3 women doctors practicing with Dr. Jones and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of these doctors. I would really prefer to see a woman. Thanks. Debby

John Jones is an excellent doctor. He's my husband's PMD. If you prefer a female physician, I highly recommend Katy Young-Lee. She is in Dr.Jones' group (Associated Internal Medicine) in Oakland. Dr.Young-Lee is my doctor, and I think the world of her. She's very understanding, spends time with you, and is very bright. Happy patient
I have been a patient Dr. Jones for almost 17 years. My entire family sees Dr. Jones. We LOVE him! Dr. Jones takes the time to listen to you and THEN makes recommendations or diagnosis. It is difficult to get in as a patient, so if you have been accepted as a new patient...Congratulations! As for the other doctors in his practice, I can't say. As it relates to female primary care, I don't make it an issue and Dr. Jones certainly has never made me feel like anything was missing. Happy Patient in Oakland
March 2004

Re: Female Primary Care Physican Needed
I highly recommend Dr.Katy Young-Lee in Oakland. I've found her to be thorough, intelligent, warm, and compassionate. She is at Associated Internal Medical Group 350 30th St. #320 (right by Summit) #465-6700. Katie

May 2002

I've been seeing Dr. Tim for over a year and I really recommend her. She has helped me manage my asthma much better, the improvement is really terrific. She is thorough, proactive, asks a lot of questions, and has done an excellent job of identifying all the health issues I need to work on. For example, when I was switching medications around and using complementary herbs, she was always careful to stay up to date on what I was taking so she had the whole picture of what was going into my system. Other previous doctors have not been that thorough, and didn't catch potentially bad combination of drugs. She is fairly direct and speaks quickly, so be prepared for that. For me, that's an effective approach. The office is also VERY well run. I've always been seen on time.

I chose Dr. Leslie Tim as my primary care provider based on website recommendations. She is bright and highly skilled, and I have no doubt that the quality of her medical care is first-rate. However, if you're looking for someone with a good bedside manner, look elsewhere. I never felt she listened to me; more than once I was scolded for things that were out of my control (e.g., her office staff forgot to mail me a form she wanted completed before my appointment), and ultimately, in order to make office visits more pleasant, I began to keep certain questions and concerns to myself. I switched to Kaiser a few months ago, where I have been treated with more respect and warmth.
Leslie Tim is great. She has really set up her practice to work for best care for patients - very accessible and short waits. She might not be taking new patients, but if she is, I would highly recommend her. Both my husband and I have received great care from Dr. Tim. Jill
Unless there is another Dr. Tim, I agree completely with the comments made here about her. My 90 year old mother is cared for by another doctor in the same practice; I believe there are 7 or 8 doctors in the group. My mom's doc is a very bright doctor, but he has the personality of a board, and can be very rigid. Dr. Tim has taken calls for him and each time I have dealt with her I come away thinking, 'I really wish she were the person caring for Mom. We can't switch within the group or we would. Dr. Immel in the same practice is also wonderful; very kind and compassionate. There are still a few good doctors around!