May Yen Yau, MD

San Francisco

2100 Webster St., Suite 423 San Francisco, California 94115

Archived Q&A and Reviews


Oct 2006

Re: Well-versed, educated internist
We recently moved from San Francisco where I was seeing Dr. May Yen Yao. Dr. Yao is at Pacific Internal Medicine at CPMC. I found her to be an excellent doctor, and although she never had to treat me for any serious medical conditions, I would recommend her highly. Her phone number is (415)923-3491 EGW

Aug 2004

Re: San Francisco Primary Care MD
I would recommend my PCP, Dr. May Yen Yau. Her office is in the CPMC campus at Sacramento/Buchanan. She is pleasant and runs a very efficient office. The thing I like best about her is that you will actually BE SEEN at your scheduled appointment time -- imagine! No more waiting around for 20-30 minutes after your scheduled time.

The down side of this is that she doesn't tend to spend a lot of time chit-chatting or being touchy-feely, but I have always gotten very good care from her and have no complaints whatsoever.

Her number is 415-923-3491. Happy Patient