Alfred Rothman, MD & Natalie Karishev, MD (Berkeley, CA)

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3021 Dana Street Berkeley, CA
Dec 2011

Re: Dr. in Alta Bates Med Grp who takes Health Net
Dr Natalie Karashev, office is near Ashby and Telegraph. happy with my doctor

May 2011

Has anyone seen Dr. Rothman? Is he a good doctor and good at diagnosing? Thanks. anon

My husband sees Dr. Rothman and likes him. Dr. Rothman seems to have an extensive amount of experience and when my husband was having knee problems, was able to diagnose the issue quickly and accurately. He also says he likes the office - everyone is friendly, location is convenient, and he is usually seen quickly. anon
I saw Dr. Rothman, years ago, for persistent, mucousy, bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Dr. Rothman insisted that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and my husband kept suggesting that I have my stool tested for a parasite because I was so sick - I even started to develop an arrhythmia because my electrolytes were being depleted. Dr. Rothman continued to insist that I had irritable bowel.

When Dr. Rothman went out-of-town, I ended up having my stool tested, and I tested positive for an advanced case of Giardia, which we found out by calling the lab ourselves because Dr. Rothman's coverage never called us with the results. I went on a course of Flagyl (sp?) and had to have IV hydration and IV potassium. I was at the tail end of nursing my 3 three old and had to stop nursing because of going on the medication. I hope never again to be that sick, and, in retrospect, I should have gone to a GI doctor when my condition steadily worsened. Anon

Oct 2010

Re: Looking for a great family practice physician
Dr Rothman of 3021 Dana St Berkeley is excellent. Our whole family has switched to him over the past year, and we feel fully confident in his expertise and care. My son has a rare spinal condition, and he was very helpful with this. He is also careful and very knowledgeable about any of our run-of-the-mill conditions. A terrific practice, very friendly and helpful support staff, and a lovely little office opposite Whole Foods (near Alta Bates). Also, they don't over- book so the waiting times are negligible. PH (510) 845-2422 anon

May 2009

Re: Primary Care Doctor-Oakland Berkeley
My OB/GYN referred me to Alfred Rothman and in hindsight, I can't believe I put up with my previous physician for so long! Rothman is wonderful as is his wife who is a nurse practitioner there-both are incredibly competent, personable and have a very gentle nature. I know you mentioned a preference for a female doctor but having made the switch myself, I am SO glad I did! He is located on Dana Street, close to Whole Foods on Telegraph. anon

Feb 2008

Re: Need rec -- Internal Medicine doctor
I heartily recommend Dr Alfred Rothman . My husband and I have been his patients from over 15 years. He's always attentive and never rushes. I've never had a difficult time scheduling an appointment. In fact, if you have an emergency or urgent need to see a doctor, they make a big effort to fit you in that same day. I wrote a recommendation a while back when I accidentally dropped a container full of hot water on my leg and foot. I called the office and they asked me to go to the office right way. Dr Rothman took care of the bad burns (huge blisters) that day and in follow-up visits until they were healed.

Another thing that I like about Dr Rothman is that when my cholesterol tested above normal, he recommended diet changes. After a second test my cholesterol was acceptable, so he didn't recommend any prescription medicines. He encouraged me to keep eating more vegetables and fruits.

For physicals, they keep track of your Tetanus vaccine schedule. So this year my husband had a tetanus shot right in the office. That was very convenient.

Dr Alfred Rothman Address: 3021 Dana St. Phone 845-2422

Satisfied Patient

Nov 2006

Re: Looking for good primary care physician
Dr. Alfred Rothman is my husband's doc and he is great. He is very efficient and competent. He saves you a visit by having you pick up a lab request form ahead of your visit. So when you go for your appointment he goes over the results with you. He even called to give us the results. He is pleasant and encourages active involvement in your care.I am a physician myself and highly skeptical but I have no complaints with his care. 3021 Dana St, 5108452422 mm

Oct 2004

I need a new general practitioner/personal physician (insurance changed) and Dr. Rothman has been recommended. Has anyone had experience with him and his office? Thanks in advance. rachel

I've had Dr. Rothman as my PCP for a few years. I'm a mother in my 40s, and though may switch to a woman doctor eventually (generally speaking, I think I might be more comforable), he's been a good doctor. I haven't had any serious illnesses or occasion to doubt his opinion on a diagnosis.
Pros: Parking lot, walking distance to labs, generally easy to get same day or urgent appt., nice, affable manner, knows parenthood and the stresses caused by it.
Cons: Not fond of his receptionist.
Rothman patient
Dr. Rothman is a good guy. I like him because he is a conservative physician--he is careful and thorough, but does not prescribe anything more than what is absolutely needed. He takes the time to sit and talk and figure out the given situation, and he is open to alternative approaches. I have never had to wait in his office, and I have always been treated kindly. Also, although it is a laid-back practice, I think he offers good solid medical care. Ann
we have had a mostly positive expeience with doctor Rothman. Our whole family sees him including baby too. Sometimes I wish that we had the experience of a pediatrician, but I like the familiarity. He returns phone calls promptly and will fit you in for emergencies or worries. He is understanding about our hesitation to use vaccines and antibiotics. he is the only male doctor with whom i feel completely comfortable during a female exam. He acts as if he has all the time in the world to answer your questions. He will refer you to a specialist when requested. His nurse practitioner partner, arlus anderson, is great too and a bit more warm and interested in alternative treatments. My partner complains that we see a drug rep visiting EVERY time we have an appointment, yet Dr. R has rarely perscribed drugs for us and never given us free samples, so I can't say that the constant presence of the reps has influenced our care much, although it has unsettled us. really my only complaint is that he is a generalist. I think that he has provided the most expert care to my partner: a 50 year old man. anon
Sept. 2004

Re: Primary Care for my (stubborn) husband
My husband is not as stubborn as yours, at least on the surface, but is a great procrastinator. We found a male doctor for him in Berkeley that he seems pretty happy with: Dr. Alfred Rothman: 845-2422. Rothman practices on his own, so it's a small office, with very little fuss. He seems to take most kinds of insurance. good luck Dianna

October 2001

Try Alfred Rothman, MD and his wife, Arlyss Anderson, RNP in Berkeley on Dana Street. I've been very happy with their practice over the past 10 years. (510) 845-2422 Elaine

May 2000

My husband, three children and I all go to family practitioner Alfred Rothman whose office is located behind Alta Bates. Arlyss Anderson is the nurse practitioner (also wonderful), so there is also a female in the group. We are very pleased with him; good listener; not the type to just run quickly to meds which I like, but will prescribe as necessary; can quickly get me to a specialist if needed. He knows the whole family. If I'm not sure about something non-urgent, I can leave a message on his machine and he'll get back to me later that day with advice - he's very prompt. Rarely have to wait for appointments; able to schedule me in for emergencies. FYI, HealthNet allows me to still see my OB/GYN (Elizabeth Kanwit) for pap smears, if I choose. Janna

December 1999

Alfred Rothman is my and my husband's GP. He has a well-managed office (no long waits) and friendly, trained staff (although Mavis is sorely missed). He incorporates alternative healing (nutritional stuff) and is supportive of my self-selected care. The reason I switched to him was a colleague had a physical there. At the end of the exam, Dr. Rothman asked if she had anything else she wanted to discuss. She then, tentatively, mentioned hearing sounds in her head. He wasted no time setting up heavy-duty diagnostic appointments for her, the end result being she had a benign brain tumor removed. I am impressed with his listening skills and also his bedside manner, despite the incredible pressures he must have to process patients. Nori