Seeking a Pediatrician with Weekend Hours

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Pediatrician working on weekends

Feb 2007

Hi, My babies (one is 2 years old, another is 4 month) on some mysterious reason almost always get sick on weekends. Going to ER is not very pleasant and pricy. Can anybody recommend good pediatrician with weekend hours? I know, it's too much to ask, but if the doctor also is flexible about vaccinations, that will be just great. We leave at Emeryville, so nearby cities (Oakland, Berkeley) will be best. Thanks! mother of 2

Bayside Medical in Oakland has Saturday ''sick child'' hours, both by appt. and drop-in. We have always been able to bring our baby/toddler there when we needed it. We see Dr. Janet Perlman, who is very flexible about vaccinations, and has worked with us to space them out. Also, their office uses all mercury-free vaccines. We have seen all the doctors in their practice, and they are all good. Ellen

East Bay pediatrics has sick baby office hours on Saturday. Patients are seen on a drop in basis, first come first served and visits are billed as sick baby office visits. The practice is large and their phone system is very aggravating to navigate, but I have been very happy with the care all 4 of my children have received in the office, and their primary doctors have always been prompt in calling me back once I have navigated that phone system to reach their individual voice mail boxes. They have offices in Berkeley and Orinda, but their main phone goes to Orinda, so do not be confused by the 925 area code. (925) 438-1100 Elizabeth Lee, M.D.

Pediatrician or Family Practitioner with Saturday hours?

Feb 2000

Can anyone recommend a pediatrician or Family Practitioner in Berkeley or Oakland that has Saturday hours? We have a pediatrician we have been using for several years, but are very unhappy with the emergency/urgent care response on the weekend.

We take our 18 month old son to Dr. Peter Candell at Alameda Family Physicians.

I don't know if it's made it to the web site yet, but much has been written about Dr. Jeff Gill in Moraga, an easy trip through the tunnel and well worth it. He has Saturday hours.