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Pediatrician who will visit after home birth

Nov 2010

Hi, We are planning a home birth. I am interested in recommendations for a pediatrician who will visit us at home, particularly the day the baby is born and the week after. While I am not opposed to vaccination, I do want a pediatrician who is open-minded toward home birth and an alternative vaccination schedule. As I work in a medical profession myself, we also need someone whose approach is well-grounded in science whom I can respect. We appreciate hearing your experiences with pediatricians in the east bay. Thank you! Wanting an old-fashioned doctor

I already wrote a rave review about Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman (1.888.254.3950) in this same newsletter and I'll try to briefly sum up his qualities again. Basically, there are just not enough good things to say about him and his super friendly sfaff. Besides the obvious which is being an excellent, excellent pediatrician, he is super patient with both the children and with explaining stuff to parents, he is reachable by phone around the clock including weekends, he makes time to see sick patients on weekends, he makes HOUSECALLS if the patient is too sick to travel (he's actually the only one I am aware of who does that), he has a separate wait room for very sick children (not that he needs one -- there is never a wait longer than 5 min), he is on staff at Children's Hospital so he has shown up at the emergency room to check in with us -- in the middle of the night! He practices medicine with much caution, persistence (in case of stubborn symptoms) and a lot of commonsense. As to your question about vaccinations, I only know that he does not see children with no vaccinations at all, as for an alternative schedule I would suggest just giving him a call to find out. Happy Mom

Ped for newborn that will make a house call

Nov 2009

I'm looking for a pediatrician that will make the first visit a house call for a home birth newborn in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Thanks! mcpm

Check out Kiwi pediatrics They came to our house after I had a home birth. Great doctors, too! home birth mom