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Amazing Pediatric Dermatologist for Teens.  I rarely make time to post online, but I have had such an amazing experience with Dr. Admani at Stanford Children's Health System that I feel compelled to share. Dr. Admani is personable, connects well with teen agers, and has been able to build trust with both me as parent and my teen age daughter. She has assisted my teen with a variety of issues.  Dr. Admani's support staff is responsive to both phone calls and use of the Stanford system's app.  The main drawback is that it's hard to get on her schedule. If there is ever a doctor worth waiting for, Dr. Admani is the one.

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Pediatric dermatologist for 2-y-o's skin condition

March 2011

Anyone able to recommend at pediatric dermatologist? My 2.5 year old has a skin condition her GP can't seem to diagnose. Oakland/Berkeley ideal, but willing to travel further of course.

Both of my sons have been treated by Dr. Warren Dotz, who is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and explains the basis for his diagnoses/treatments (and works with the boys to be sure they're doing the treatments correctly). I'm a physician and have also seen Dr. Dotz for dermatology issues--I'm impressed by his careful attention to detail and clinical experience. His office is in Berkeley,on Regent Street. family with skin issues....
My son was referred to Dr. Graham at Affiliates in Dermatology in Oakland for a skin condition a few years ago. He does not specialize in pediatrics but has a very gentle, patient manner and takes the time to answer any questions you might have. He ended up referring us to UCSF Dermatology as my son has a pretty serious condition and they were able to diagnos it. I'm very thankful that Dr. Graham recognized that my son needed help and could point us in the right direction. R.S. Graham, M.D. 460 34th St Oakland 510-652-8091

Pediatric dermatologist for eczema

Nov 2007

My 22 mo old has been diagnosed with atopic eczema and is not responding to treatment, nor have we been able to figure out the trigger(s). I am looking for recommendations to a NON-Kaiser pediatric allergist and to a pediatric dermatologist preferably in the East Bay, but I'd go almost anywhere for the right doc. Likewise does anyone know of a natureopathic doc who is good with kids? AC

Believe it or not, there is not a pediatric dermatologist at Children's Hospital Oakland so we had to trek across the bay to UCSF to see Ilona Frieden. She is highly respected in the pediatric community, rightly so. I have also heard of a good pediatric derm at Stanford, Dr. Lane maybe? Sorry, I don't know of any pediatric allergists. Mom of kid who's seen many specialists
You might try Dave Cook in Danville, I believe. My son had issues identical to your child, and Dr. Cook diagnosed all of his allergies through testing. Not a bedside manner kind of guy, but REALLY knows his stuff. Lisa

Pediatric dermatologist for 2-year-old

March 2007

I am wondering if anyone has experience with any dermatologists in the Kaiser system who are good with children. My 2 year old has seen 2 different dermatologists, one in Richmond and one in Vallejo who were definitely not used to seeing children, who definitely made a potentially difficult situation much worse than it ever needed to be because of their abrasive manner and one who made it clear she was pretty unhappy about having to see a child. I will travel to any facility as I can't afford to pay out of pocket at this point. Thanks so much!!!!

Hi - try Dr. Beet-Shay at Oakland Kaiser. She specializes in children and has a no-nonesense approach. Good Luck
Dr Beets-Shay is a female dermatologist at Kaiser Oakland who has special interest in pediatric dermatology, also Dr Becker is a great doc with a very gentle manner who I would also recommend. Kaiser mom
Dr Linda Beets-Shay is a board certified Pediatric Dermatologist at Oakland Kaiser. Thankful Parent
We had the best possible experience with Dr. Ilona Frieden (ped dermatologist) at UCSF. I think they have a quite large ped dermatology program there. anon

Toddler with molluscum contagiosum

September 2002

I am looking for a dermatologist suitable for my 2and a half toddler, he has molluscum contagiosum. Valerie

You didn't mention what kind of insurance you have (we had a PPO), but my then 2 yr old daughter saw Renee Howard in Marin (415-461-9000) for an unusual skin virus and she was excellent. mackrobb

Baby with eczema and chronic diaper rash

November 2001

Our 10 month old son has eczema and chronic diaper rash. We have seen pediatricians and a dermatologist who have been helpful, but our son continues to have problems. We think it's now time to see someone who specializes in both fields and would like recommendations for a good pediatric dermatologist in the Bay Area. Denise

Pediatric Dermatologist: I can highly recommend Rene Howard in Marin (415-461-9000). It sometimes does make a difference to see a pediatric specialist - my daughter was misdiagnosed by TWO well-regarded adult dermatologists before seeing Dr. Howard. Also, I found that ped. derms. are hard to come by - several were recommended, but when I called they were booked way ahead, and didn't even have room for new urgent cases. Janet

Earlier Recommendations

April 2000

I am responding to the person asking about Dermatologist Dr. Ervin Epstein. A couple of years ago, I took my daughter to see him to have a mole removed. She was only 6 at the time, and quite scared of the prospect. He was wonderful with her, and he did a great job in setting her at ease as well as in removing the mole, which healed quite nicely. Not long after that, I saw an article in San Francisco magazine in which they listed the 100 best doctors in the Bay Area, and I was not surprised to see he was on the list.

My daughter, who has unfortunately inherited my tendency to get moles, will probably have to have more removed. She does not seem nearly as leery of having this done now.
Good luck!

July 1999

I would like to respond to the person looking for a new dermatologlist for her son. I have a daughter who is 17-months old and has had eczema her whole life. I have been to three dermatologists dealing with this issue. I really like the last one--Dr. Leslie Hilger in Oakland. However, the treatment that all have all recommended is much the same. Some of the best advice I ever got is that I will be dealing with this chronic condition for a long time to come. heather