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April 2010

Does anybody have recent experience with Bancroft Pediatrics in San Leandro? The reviews on BPN are at least 7 years old, and I'd like some confirmation that the office staff are still good. Are there any other pediatric groups near San Leandro that you would recommend instead?

We have gone to Bancroft Pediatrics since we moved to San Leandro 5 years ago, and we love it. We take our kids to Dr. Laura Grunbaum, who is unfailingly calm, kind, attentive, and responsive. The kids love her, and I feel like she is a reassuring, down to earth partner in ensuring the health of our children. We have also been really impressed with Dr. Steven Santucci, who has seen our kids on a couple of occasions -- he is very thorough and considerate of parents' concerns.

The office staff is efficient and friendly, and we rarely wait more than a few minutes for our appointments. Doctors follow up with test results, messages, etc., personally and quickly, which I appreciate. My only complaint is that the entire office is closed between 12 and 2 daily -- makes it hard to call to schedule appointments during my lunch hour. The building is kind of run- down but having come from Kiwi Pediatrics' Albany clinic, that was familiar to us. :) I've been very happy with the practice and would recommend it enthusiastically. Happy Bancroft Peds parent

Nov. 2003

I am wondering if anybody had experience with Dr. Acevedo or any other doctor from Bancroft Pediatrics in San Leandro . Thanks! Natalia

I don't know Dr. Acevedo, but I can offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Bancroft Pediatrics in general. My nearly-6 year old son has been a patient there since he was 3 weeks old; the pediatrician I *had* chosen in Alameda couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Dr. Grunbaum @ B.P. correctly diagnosed pyloric stenosis, despite it not being a ''textbook case,'' and has taken outstanding care of him ever since. When she's not available, we've had good experiences with Dr. Santucci and Dr. Rhiew (whose name I'm probably misspelling).

My son has been to the hospital, had surgeries, and innumerable other medical experiences, from shots to physicals. He likes going to the doctor, and has never developed the fear that seems common among his peers. I attribute this, in large part, to the kind and caring doctors of Bancroft Pediatric. Also, several nurses are often brusque, but the advice nurse, Lourdes, is worth far more than her weight in gold.

August 2003

Re: Pediatrician in San Leandro/CV
We use Bancroft Pediatrics in San Leandro, near Bancroft and Estudillo Aves. We have had nothing but good experiences with them. There are seveeral doctors in the practice, so it is never a problem getting an appointment, and usually we are able to see the dr. of our choice. They have seperate waiting rooms for well and sick children, but we have never had to wait more than 5 minutes. The staff are all wonderful and willing to work with any special requests. They support breastfeeding, but are also supportive if you choose not to. They also supported my decision to delay immunizations for a while and to do single shots instead of combined shots when I was ready. The practice has Saturday and Monday morning drop in hours for children who get sick on the weekend. They take a variety of insurances and even worked with us when my son was born under my coverage (which they didn't accept) and was transfered at one month to my husband's insurance, which they did accept. They were able to bill retroactively and everything was covered. Although we have never been in for an illness, I can't reccomend them enough based on their preventative practices. rego

I highly recommend Bancroft Pediatrics in San Leandro. There are about six doctors there and I think we have seen them all! They are extremely professional, great with kids, have separate sick/well waiting areas, and many of their staff and at least one of the docs speak Spanish. We had a consultation with one of the doctors before we traveled overseas to adopt our daughter. Once we got back with her they were great about all the additional tests that had to be run, etc. We have HealthNet HMO. Their number is 510-483-2600 and they are located at 1300 Bancroft Ave. (corner of Estudillo).

Sophie (2/00)
In San Leandro we use Dr. Laura Grunbaum at Bancroft Pediatrics which is at 1300 Bancroft. We do most of our kids care with Christine Ciavarella at the Hahnemann Medical Clinic up in Albany but that's very far and wanted something closer. When my younger son was born at the Pleasanton Birth Center I asked Dr. Jeff Gill (the guy who makes house calls and has been recommended here numerous times) for a local rec. He directed me to Dr. Grunbaum. She was open to our using homeopathy and to our decision not to vaccinate. We take our kids there for check-ups and so far I've liked the practice and I've liked her. However, we haven't had all that much interaction as luckily our kids have not had anything major to deal with. They take most medical insurances. When my older son was born I had interviewed another doctor in the practice and liked her but she was only willing to work with me on the vaccination thing for six months. I don't know if I misunderstood her or perhaps there's a difference between saying, I'm undecided about vaccination, what is your policy? and I do not vaccinate my children, can you handle that.

Patricia (2/00)
I can second the recommendation for Doctor Laura Grunbaum at Bancroft Pediatrics in San Leandro. She has seen my son since his birth and my daughter since we moved here at her 5 mos. She always remembers us and has been open to our wishes/questions and respectful with all of us. The other physicians at B.P. have been fine too, but we are thrilled with Doctor Laura, who incidentally has two kids the same age and genders as ours: 18 mos boy and nearly four girl. (We're no longer allowed to say