Loretta Early, MD

Oakland, CA
(510) 530-6790

4100 35th Avenue Oakland, CA 94619

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May 2006

Could anyone share their expreriences with this pediatrician? Is she thourough, friendly, well-organized? Are the admin staff friendly & efficient? Is the wait time long? Is she available during off hours? Does she appear very old and likely to retire soon? Thank you for your input, Maria

We've been seeing Dr. Early for our two children for the last 6 years. She is very thorough and gives us all kinds of attention and time - when she is in her office hours. She is not available on the weekends! You are on your own then, frankly.

Also, wait times can be very long - in part, I think, because she is so thorough.

She is very senior and works very hard to keep up with the latest issues -she reads a great deal and makes rounds and attends training/lectures at Children's Hospital.

However I would say that if you have an infant now and you want a pediatrician who will follow that child into teen years, it is hard to imagine that she will be in practice for that much longer. 5 years maybe, but 15 years not likely. She told me when I asked a couple of years ago that she has no plans to retire, and she is very dynamic and active. But. She's got to be older than 65!

The lack of weekend hours is a problem, frankly. When the kids have been sick with ear infections or other acute issues that can't wait until Monday, we've had to go to urgent care at Children's. leila