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Re: ObGyn for a VBAC (May 2004)
I would highly recommend that you visit Women's Medical Associates in Greenbrea (and Novato). They are a practice made of, I think, 5 doctors and 2 midwives. I just gave birth to my second under the care of Dr. Bearg at Women's and had a fabulous experience. It was not a VBAC delivery, so I can't comment on that. However, they were the most mellow, open-minded group of doctors and midwives I have encountered. They are very good at what they do and have a great reputation at Marin General for being the most mother-friendly (laid-back). In my situation, I needed some interventions - inducement - and it was done in a very respectful manner. I was allowed to wait until the morning in the hospital so that I would not be so exhausted after the birth. While having my prenatal care, I discussed what I wanted for my birth and the general reaction was that he/they let nature take its course and only intervene when necessary. I would assume that this would translate into a very supportive attitude with VBAC. Incidentally, the doctor that delivered me was Dr. Cunningham - and she was also fabulous. Additionally, I heard great things about her from others. Good luck! freyja