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    Oct 2009

    Re: Infertility clinics
    I got excellent care at Stanford's clinic: My doctor, Dr. Baker, was excellent, as was Dr. Lathi, another doctor with whom I worked there. After having gone to another clinic for a long time, I was tremendously impressed with the quality of care, the personal attention from doctors, etc. Good luck in locating a good place for you. finally pregnant

    June 2009

    Re: OB/GYN with fertility expertise
    While not in the East Bay, if fertility concerns are primary and you can travel, I highly recommend Valerie Baker at Stanford's fertility clinic ( I spent about a year trying to get pregnant at a clinic in another state, and when I moved to the East Bay, decided to go to the Stanford clinic (despite the drive). I've never regretted the decision. I found the entire office incredibly thoughtful and well-managed, down to providing free coffee and wireless in the waiting room. I found that Dr. Baker was very careful, and thorough, as well as being a positive person who just made me feel at ease. I always felt like my questions and concerns were respected and received helpful responses. It was clear she was thinking about my case in particular, and while the diagnostic tests she recommended in my case did not reveal a problem, it was good to know that, and I was disappointed that my previous office was not nearly as thorough. I felt listened to, and liked that (except on weekends) I generally saw my assigned doctor. That said, the other doctor I interacted with there on occasion, Dr. Lathi, was also excellent. It's a first-rate facility, and after only a few months trying under Dr. Baker's care, I'm pregnant (and thrilled). Even though I'm sure she sees success stories frequently, I was touched at how excited Dr. Baker was with me and for me when the pregnancy ''took.'' I'm not at all convinced that I would have gotten pregnant if my standard of care had remained what it was at the fertility clinic where I went previously.

    Note that this is not a full service OB/GYN office; now that I'm nearly 10 wks. pregnant, I'm transitioning to another provider in the East Bay for prenatal care and delivery. However, I would absolutely do it again despite the hour each way to get there. If you can time appointments so you miss rush hour (and I usually could), you can get there with minimal hassle, and you will have some of the best care that's available. Happily Pregnant at Long Last

    May 2006

    Re: Seeking Infertility Specialist
    I highly reccomend Dr Milki at stanford. I felt that zouves was going to do too much ''extra'' testing -- since we have no insurnce coverage, thousands for extra blood tests did not make sense to me. Milki is very straight forward, honest & an amazing doctor. And he is the only one you see - he works pretty much on his own. Unofortunately IVF w/PGD did not work for us. good luck

    June 2005

    Re: Experience with Bay Area Fertility clinics?
    I did one ivf cycle at Stanford 4/04 with Dr. Milki. He was excellent, staff was excellent - very straight forward, honest and great clinical & people skills. We went to stanford because we were doing PGD and a 5 day transfer. No, I did not get pregnant but I still highly reccomend them. With the pgd, drugs etc it was about $20k. They don't turn anyone away - so if you look at their stats on the CDC web site they are not as great -- but if you consider their patients, their stats are great. Keep that in mind -- many places turn away patients. Not Dr Milki. Good luck

    September 2003

    Dr. Lillian Scweitch at Stanford Reproductive and Endrocronolists. LOVED HER!!!!!! She is sweet and nice and I was so sad to say goodbye. Can't say enough, she's fabulous.