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Sept 2011

I decided to go to SF perinatal for prenatal testing because I wanted to do CVS w/ Dr. Goldberg. Turns out I can't do CVS due to the position of the placenta and the tilt of my uterus. Long story, but they wouldn't book me w/ Dr. Goldberg for an amnio and I had no idea whom to ask for instead, so they gave me an appointment with Dr. Susan Fong instead. Can anyone give me any feedback on her? She seems to be the youngest/newest member of their practice, which does not fill me with confidence.

Alternately, can anyone recommend another practitioner at SF perinatal for amnio? I'm thinking of ditching the whole practice and going back to Denise Main at CPMC (who did my amnio 3 years ago and was wonderful). But SF perinatal has such a sterling reputation, and I am already all set w/ their genetic counselor, etc. So whom should I see there for amnio? Thanks for any advice. an Oakland mom

I like both Drs Sandberg and Scully but have only had CVS with Goldberg (3 times, never a single complication). I am with you and would either have any of the other docs do it or would go back to the other place. While amnio (had one of those as well) is not as big a deal as CVS I still would want to know I was in excellent hands. And while I am sure the newest doctor is good, it is a procedure that makes a difference if you have done 100's or 1,000's of times....or more even.... Good luck
March 2011

I developed a subchorionic hematoma as a result of my CVS procedure. I am now 15 weeks and my OB is being what seems to be overly cavalier about the fact that I've had two major bleeds already, saying there's nothing we can do and that all will probably be fine. I needed to take the initiative to make an appointment with a perinatologist for an ultrasound to follow up my last bleed and get the referral from my OB after the fact. I'm concerned though that the perinatologist I will see (Dr. Weiss at East Bay Perinatal) does not have sufficient experience with SCH. I know this is a fairly common complication in pregnancy, so I'm hoping someone can recommend an excellent perinatologist who will be proactive about monitoring the hematoma and taking other measures that can prevent PROM and/or premature delivery. If I left it up to my OB, I'd be doing absolutely nothing special, which it seems from my research is not necessarily the best approach. anonymous

I would contact SF Perinatal: I was very impressed with the facility and Dr. Scully. I liked East Bay Perinatal as well, but you might prefer SF Perinatal if you are in a higher risk situation. anon
Definitely, go to San Francisco Perinatal. They are fantastic, extremely research oriented. Professional, *nothing like East Bay Perinatal.

I had a major problem with a pregnancy, which had a risk of harming one of my fetal twins. It was discovered by East Bay Perinatal, and their handling of how they told us, what they suggested as follow-up, etc. was poor at best.

My reproductive endocrinologist referred us to SF Perinatal, as one of the best in the country, and was also covered by Blue Cross (my insurance at the time) -- and I thank GOD for them. They handled my complication with the most amazing approach, knowledge, and compassion.

They had such a major effect, that I made sure to do all the rest of my ultrasound work there, and they ultimately made a very important call to admit me 1 mo. early to the hospital for the delivery of my daughter.

Without Drs. Goldberg and Sandberg, I think there would have been major problems, if not a major loss. Trust your instincts. East Bay Perinatal is for high-volume, no-complications patients -- do not hesitate to get specialized care. Both my regular OB and EB Perinatal failed to recognize 2 major issues, that could have terminated my pregnancies.

Go immediately to San Francisco Perinatal, even out of pocket. You will feel much much more confident about the diagnosis, and they are *NOT cavalier. Feel free to contact me if you want more information, you are correct in questioning this.

editor note: East Bay Perinatal was also recommended.

June 2008

Can someone please recommend an excellent Perinatologist(maternal & fetal medicine) physician for a high-risk pregnancy in the Berkeley/San Francisco area? Thank you!

San Francisco Perinatology group - Dr. Goldberg, among others - is fantastic. great office staff, easy scheduling, super easy parking (garage in building), never have had to wait, responsive & caring. Can't say enough good things about them - the docs, the practice etc. Have seen them for three pregnancies and all sort of issues. good luck
Jan 2007

Re: Need recommendations for amnio

I've visited three clinics in the Bay Area for prenatal testing, and researched a few others, and ended up going to the Peninsula to have my Amnio done by Dr. Liner. See attached I had to pay a higher PPO rate to go there instead of East Bay Perinatal, but I'm really glad I did it. They have a very low rate of complications, and I felt they were extremely careful and knowledgable. It was also the only place my husband and I felt the geneticists really knew their stuff, since we had some fairly complicated genetics questions. By comparison, at UCSF, where we did nuchal translucency and considered doing CVS, the geneticist seemed to know less than we did and couldn't give us accurate information on the complication rate for procedures. I've done ultrasounds at East Bay Perinatal and been less than impressed. Dr. Liner was great and the bedside manner at the whole clinic was fabulous. They also offer the option of getting FISH analysis done so you get the results in 2 days, which we elected to do. It all turned out fine and it was worth the extra money to feel like we were being taken care of. an anxious mom

April 2004

Can anyone recommend a perinatologist outside of Kaiser? I'd particularly like to find one with extensive knowledge of (and treatment for) pregnancy and lupus anticoagulant antibodies.

Dr. Jim Goldberg at California Pacific Medical Center in SF is considered one of the best (if not the best) perinatalogist in the Bay Area by many of his peers. The fact that he has an extremely kind and gentle manner is a huge bonus. We went to him (and paid out of pocket) for all three of our pregnancies because we were dealing with a specific genetic issue that can't be diagnosed by standard prenatal tests. His number is 415-750-6400. Oakland Mom