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Nov 2006

Re: NOVA in vitro fertilization?
You can get stats on IVF success rates at various infertility clinics on the CDC website at: http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/ART2003/clinics03.asp Unfortunately they run a few years behind and so 2003 is the latest, but 2004 statistics should be coming out soon.

My advice to you would be to look beyond whether a clinic offers a guarantee/discount plan and instead focus your efforts on the clinic that will give you the very best chance of success. Surprisingly, while the Bay Area has so much to offer in so many areas, our infertility clinics do not have the highest success rates. I ended up going to Portland Center for Reproductive Medicine in Oregon, and it was surprisingly easy, with comparable costs and very little travel necessary. The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine also has excellent stats for older women.

Good luck to you Anon