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Dr Denise Main did my Amnio when I was pregnant with my daughter. She was great. I had no complications. My one word of advice is to follow there after care instructions. I may of actually over followed them, if I wasn't supposed to lift for 24 hours I didn't for 48 etc. She was very comforting for me. Having my husband there was also helpful. How experianced or her complication rate I don't know I used her because my doctor wanted me to and my doctor has been practicing in Marin for about as long as I have been alive so I went with who he thought was best. Good luck melinda
I have now used the Prenatal Diagnosis Center, overseen by Dr. Denise Main at California Pacific Medical Center, twice. Both with great success, satisfaction, and relief. I had a CVS procedure in the 11th week of both pregnancies and was very impressed with the counseling provided prior to the procedure, as well as the nursing and professional staff who conducted both procedures. Dr. Main's group is quite large, with facilities in San Francisco (at CPMC), Marin (in Greenbrae near Marin General Hospital) and I think one in the South Bay. I had my first CVS at the CPMC and the second in Marin - purely for convenience and scheduling both times. Coincidentally, I had the same physician both times (Dr. Otto, I think). I highly recommend this group and would be happy to provide any further information about our experiences there. Gretchen