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Cindy Grijalva, Ricki Pollycove

Oct 2002

I can highly recommend Cindy Grijalva at Pacific Gynecology at Webster and Sacramento. Although not located in the business district, the office is on the 1 California bus line and is walking distance from the end of the California cable car line. There are a number of other female GYN's in her office that had stepped in when Cindy was out delivering a baby or on vacation and I was happy with each of them. My experience is that appointments start on time and are not overbooked.

One thing you may want to consider about establishing a relationship with an SF doctor when you reside in the East Bay is if and when you decide to have a baby, do you want to travel across the bridge to deliver a baby at a SF hospital where you doctor resides? Patty

I can highly recommend Dr. Ricki Pollycove (female). She is fabulous and was my OB/GYN for many years before we moved to Walnut Creek and switched to Kaiser. She's at 2100 Webster St. in SF, but I don't have the phone number offhand. What I liked about her was that she really listened and that she sees you as a whole human being, not just a patient - taking in the big picture. Lori