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In 2015 Dr. Huibonhoa moved from a private practice to the Ob/Gyn Department at Kaiser San Francisco

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Dec 2011

Re: Current OBGYN recommendations?
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Amy Huibonhoa, (pronounced We-ben-wa). She is located at 2999 Regent St #201 in Berkeley near Alta Bates. She has been my OBGYN for over 15 years, (which has included two pregnancies) and she has always been amazing. She is one of the few Drs in any field of medicine that is extremely competent, professional, but also friendly and warm. She is direct, answers all of my questions and I never feel rushed with her. She is also great about returning calls. Sometimes her assistants will call back but often times, she does herself and if you specify that you want to talk only with her, she will always call you back. I have recommended her to several of my friends as well as my mom and everyone has loved her! I would call her asap as she is fairly busy - however, if you are pregnant, I have a feeling she would try to see asap. Here phone number is (510) 204.0965. Good luck!! Maria

Oct 2011

Re: OB for fibroid consultation?
Another equally excellent choice is Amy Huibonhoa (2999 Regent) -- wonderful doctor, wonderful human being. Good luck! anon

April 2011

Re: Is there a smaller OB practice in Berkeley area?
Dr. Amy Huibonhoa (wee-bin-wah) is GREAT. I love love love her. Even though I moved 50 miles away, I kept her (just as a gyn now) because I love her so much.

When I was pregnant, she was wonderful. I felt like she was more of a friend than a doctor. She was very responsive to all my concerns, called me back when I called in with questions or concerns, and I felt like she provided great care. My water broke just after 5pm on a night she wasn't on call but she still stayed late to deliver my baby.

The only time I was kept waiting for long, she had to leave for an emergency with a patient across the street (at Alta Bates), and I was told she was gone, given an estimate for when she would return, and given the option to reschedule. Happy patient

April 2011

Re: OB GYN Rec in Oakland/Berkeley Area - Alta Bates
I started seeing Dr. Amy Huibonhoa (pronounced wee-bon-wah) at Alta Bates when I got pregnant. I can't speak to her solely as a gynecologist, but as an OB she is great! She is super smart, remembers details, and is efficient while still being caring and sensitive. I highly recommend her! Rebecca

Jan 2011

Re: Looking for a responsive, kind OBGYN
I highly recommend dr. Amy Huibonha (pronounced wuibonha) from Alta bates medical group. she is a very kind and highly professional and her office team is responsive and compassionate, they will get back to you within the hour! I had two miscarriage in the last 9 months and everyone was very kind and helpful.

Jan 2011

I am expecting my third child. The OB who helped me deliver my first two is no longer covered by my insurance. This time, I am open to a midwife as well, but have no idea where to start finding one. So I would love recommendations for an OB (female preferred,small practice as I don't want the on call doc to deliver). Midwife and doula recommendations also wanted. Thanks! wow

Congrats on baby #3! I'd recommend Amy Huibonhoa, OBGYN. I saw her in 2006 for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. She is patient and professional. I switched to a midwife, not because I was unhappy with Dr, Huibonhoa, but because she is in a practice by herself. I thought a small practice would mean she would deliver my baby, but I later learned that she is part of an on call group of 8(!!) other doctors.

June 2010

Re: Looking for an ObGyn
I love my OB/GYN, Dr. Amy Huibonhoa (pronounced wee-ben-wah). She has delivered both of our sons and I only have rave reviews for her. Dr. Huibonhoa has a wonderful bedside manner and she is great about answering any questions. She is also extremely prompt about returning phone calls- always the same day and she takes the time to call you herself. Dr. Huibonhoa's office is right next to Alta Bates in Berkeley and her number is 510-204-0965. Good luck! bqnd390

April 2010

Re: OB with great bedside manner
I hope you call Dr. Amy Huibonhoa-- she has her own practice across from Alta Bates (510-204-0965, 2999 Regent St.)-- she is busy, but she is thoughtful, supportive and respectful. She delivered both of my children and I couldn't have asked for a better relationship with my OB. Good luck. anon

March 2010

Re: Midwife who bills insurance via Ob-Gyn
I started my prenatal care with Amy Huibonoa, OBGYN. She was terrific! She was caring, never rushed me during our prenatal visits and never stopped asking ''do you have any other questions'' until I said I didn't. Unfortunately I had just assumed that she would most likely be my doctor during delivery but she has her own practice and is part of an on-call list of 9 doctors. I loved Dr. Huibonoa but also was very committed to a natural childbirth and became increasingly concerned that I might be pressured into an unnecessary C section by a doctor I had never met and whose opinion on this subject I did not know. So at 6 months pregnant I switched to a midwife .... Check out Huibonoa. If I was pregnant now I'd go back to her!

Jan 2010

Re: Female OB GYN in Berkeley N. Oakland wanted
A wonderful OB/Gyn in Berkeley is Dr Amy Huibonoa (pronounced Wee-ben-wah). She books 2-3 months ahead of time. Or you can see the nurse practitioner. Warm, friendly and informative office. Good luck! Laurel

June 2009

Re: Gynecologist who is easy to talk to?
Amy Huibonhoa is a terrific doctor and a terrific person. I've seen her for 7 or 8 years now, and I've never had a problem. When I have had issues (e.g., a physician who was working with her who made some inappropriate comments), she was extremely easy to talk to about a topic that is a little touchy (the nature of the comments as well as criticizing her practice). She is great with information on topics that don't have clear answers, and she's very easy-going and down-to-earth, but takes her medical practice very seriously. She looks at everything that comes her way, returns every phone call, and makes sure that she reaches you and that you understand what she has said. She's also not threatened or annoyed by questions, even though she has very clear boundaries -- she's an OB/GYN, not a GP, for example. And I've had surgery with her, and she's got a very professional manner, with a lot of experience behind her. I've recommended friends to her, and they have all been pleased as well. Some have seen her NP, and I've only heard good things about the NP as well.

Jan 2009

Re: Female ObGyn post miscarriage
I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope you have good family support. I would highly recommend Dr. Amy Huibonhoa for you as an obgyn. She is a warm person, careful doctor, and was the best ally to have during delivery-- I had both my kids at Alta Bates and Amy's office is across from the hospital on Regent St. Her office# is 204-0965. Good luck

I had three miscarriages before my daughter was born in 2006 - I know your pain, and I'm very sorry for your loss. Any Ob/Gyn should be able to provide all the assistance you describe. I love my OB, Amy Huibonhoa, and her NP, Reena Cho. I've heard good things from friends about Elizabeth Kanwit, Risa Kagan, and Katarina Lanner-Cusin. May I also suggest you consider a reproductive endocrinologist, if you are feeling like your Ob is not able to address your specific questions: Marcelle Cedars and Vic Fujimoto at UCSF are wonderful. anon

I am so sorry for your loss. Amy Huibonhoa, MD has been my ob/gyn for the last couple of years and has seen me through two miscarriages. She has an excellent bedside manner and I found her to be very sensitive and caring around the two losses.

With that said, I would also highly recommend my acupuncturist, Leslie Oldershaw who specializes in female fertility. I have been working with her for the last 2.5 months (weekly acupuncture, nutrition plan, vitamins and supplements) and just found out that I'm pregnant (and we were preparing for IVF after two failed IUI's earlier this year). I hope this helps. Best of luck to you

Jan 2009

Re: Experienced O.B. Needed for Twin Birth
Dr. Huibonhua is terrific. She delivered my twins at 39 weeks at Alta Bates in 2003. She is experienced, practical, and easy to talk with. She asked about and was open to my wishes regarding delivery and working during my pregnancy. Happy Mom of Twin Girls

Nov 2007

Re: Looking For OBGYN
I LOVE Dr Amy Huibonhoa (pronounced Wee Bon Wah). She is absolutely wonderful. She is actually located in Berkeley which is out of your criteria but she is worth the extra drive. I live in Alameda and am more than happy to drive to berkeley for her. I just had my first baby and she made it the most wonderful experience. I now miss seeing her and all the girls in the office. She is kind, gentle and very patient. She answers all my questions thoroughly and takes as much time as needed. I always feel like I'm the only patient she has. I know that isn't true but she never rushed through our appointment just to get to the next patient. The girls in the office are great as well and are very good at scheduling her appointments because I've never waited more than 10-15 mins. for her. She has a lot of patients but you would never know it. I really can't say enough about her. Good Luck! Lynette

Nov 2007

Re: Need female OB GYN
At the risk of making my OB/GYN busier, I will say I love Amy Huibonhoa, and I know others who also love her. She's very smart, very straightforward, and very personable, but she still manages to be professional, mostly on time with her appointments, competent, etc. I don't know if she's taking new patients, or if she is, how long your wait will be for her first appointment, but she's very available to her existing patients. She's also very thoughtful about issues that may be somewhat complex or don't have a straightforward, black & white answer. That said, my second choice, when I was looking for a doctor 5 yrs ago, was Jill Foley. I wasn't as nuts about the practice, which seemed to run late when I went there, but you would have more choices of doctors within the practice. As it happened, Dr. Foley was the doctor on call when I delivered my baby, and she was great in the delivery room! She's also smart and personable, but I don't really know anything about the day-to-day of the practice since it was 5 yrs ago when I checked it out.

June 2007

Re: Looking for a great East Bay OB GYN
Dr. Huibonhoa from Berkeley is simply marvelous. She has great energy and exudes tons of confidence. Her office staff and Tahira (the NP) are great too. She was my OB/GYN for my first baby delivered in January. She helped me thru the entire delivery process and was a huge strength. She's very prompt about returning calls and once called me at 8.30pm as she knew I was anxious about a particular test. I think she gets really booked up, but you can always see Tahira initially. Son

June 2007

I'm looking for information from people who have had an surgery experience with Dr. Amy Huibonhoa. I decided to have the myomectomy to remove a large fibroids. She is an excellent OB/GYN doctor but I would like to know more about her surgery skills. I'd really appreciate if you can share your experince if you had a myomectomy with Dr. Huibonhoa. Or any other Dr. in Berkeley. Thanks! F.

I had fibroids removed in Nov 2005 with Amy Huibonhoa. I have never had any question about her surgical ability or her professionalism. She will also answer all your questions thoroughly. There are a number of forms to fill out, and lots of things that go with surgery, all of which are a little nerve-wracking if you've never had surgery. I remember looking at all of it and asking, why would you need to do this or that? and she explained it all perfectly. She's got plenty of experience, and a good manner to her. I had absolutely no pain associated with it, and my recovery was almost instantaneous.

One thing that Dr. Huibonhoa cannot control is your anesthesia experience. I will recommend STRONGLY that you follow all the recommendations (don't eat or drink anything, for example, on the day of the surgery). In your pre-surgery appointment they will emphasize this (and also not taking any aspirin or ibuprofen for a week prior, and no FISH OIL! All these things can cause bleeding.) Prior to your surgery the nurse will ask if you've had anything to eat or drink. If you have, they are likely to reschedule your surgery. Not worth the trouble. I've had two different surgeries for two different issues, and both times someone else in the pre-op room will say, well yeah, I just ate a little bit, and they have to reschedule. It's really dumb.

Also, the post-op room will offer you Vicodin. I strongly recommend against it. If you have pain, it will be minimal, and the Vicodin can make you very, very nauseated. I didn't take any vicodin with my fibroid removal, and I was fine right away (I might have taken some tylenol, but I don't really remember any pain.) Remember you have nothing in your stomach, and the nausea can be horrible. for my other surgery I had some pain, and I didn't think twice when they offered me vicodin, and I was nauseated for more than 24 hours. I also find it helpful to bring some water with me. The post-op nurses don't realize how unbelievably thirsty you can be, and you have to keep asking for water.

Anyway, Dr. Huibonhoa is great. Don't worry.

Feb 2007

Re: OB GYN in Berkeley or North Oakland?
I have two recommendations to make. The first does not meet your location requirements as his office is in Lafayette, but he is an excellent OB-GYN. His name is Kurt Wharton, and I saw him for both of my pregnancies in Berkeley. I should mention that I am a surgeon, so it is very difficult for me to find a physician for myself who I trust so much that I can truly be a patient with him and not second guess what he is recommending. Dr Wharton answered all my questions and I felt well cared for throughout both pregnancies. He is also now in solo practice, so he is the only physician you will see in the office. His office number is (925) 962-0002.

If you want a woman OB-GYN in Berkeley, I also recommend Amy Huibonhua. She is a young, smart woman who actually delivered my last baby (he came fast before Dr. Wharton arrived) and she is also a wonderful doctor. I have jointly cared for patients with her and respect her greatly. Her number is:(510) 204-0965.

Both Dr. Wharton and Dr. Huibonhua deliver babies at Alta Bates. They are also part of a larger on call schedule combining multiple groups of OB-GYNs, but that is something that I believe all of the OB-GYNs is the area participate in. Hope this helps. Welcome to the neighborhood Elizabeth

May 2007

Re: Gynecologist for annual check-up
I have a great OB/Gyn -- her name is Dr. Amy Huibonhoa. She is very competent, friendly, and understanding. Her office is next to Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. Phone: 204-0965. She's delivered several of my friends' babies and done surgeries on two other friends. We all think she's great and wouldn't see anyone else. It can take a while to get an annual appointment with her, but you can usually get in to see her nurse practitioner who is also very good.

Oct 2006

Re: OB/GYN for VBAC in East Bay area
Alta Bates allows VBACs. I had a VBAC delivery there in May. My OB is Amy Huibonhoa and, in my case, she was supportive. amg

Feb 2006

Re: New primary care provider and a new gynecologist
Try Amy Huibonhua. She's in Berkeley. She is a lovely person, and a very good doctor. anon

Re: VBAC with Dr. Huibonhoa (Dec 2005)
I am so happy to answer your posting about Dr. Huibonhoa. I had a really positive experience with her. She was the doctor on call for the birth of my second baby. She gave me the confidence and support I needed all the way through my labor and we ended up delivering naturally! I like her so much that if we decide to have another baby I will switch to her. Please feel free to email me if you want specifics about my experience. I really can't say enough about her. She was very professional yet personable and supportive. Best of luck with your VBAC! sadie

Re: Smart Obgyn (June 2005)
Two words...Amy Huibonhoa (pronounced WEE-bon-wah). She's an ABMG OB/GYN....the best physician communicator I've ever had. Returns phone calls promptly, finds answers to things that are not necessarily related to GYN issues. 204-0965 is the office number, in the 2999 Regent Street bldg, behind Alta Bates. Love her. Liz

Sept 2004

Re: Seeking a More Personal ObGyn Practice
Dr. Amy Huibonhoa is my OB. She practices in Berkeley, is extremely competent, has an excellent bedside manner, and is also very warm and personable. She seems to know patients by name and personally calls back with test results, etc. She remembers facts from prior conversations that make me feel like she takes a genuine interest in her patients!

Her former partner, Dr. Brooks, delivered my first child and after his departure, I was very happy that Dr. Huibonhoa was taking his old patients. I have a few friends that have also used her for their deliveries and they have had nothing but positive things to say about her. There are also quite a few glowing recommendations for her on this website.

She is non-Kaiser and her office is on Regent Street, right behind Alta Bates. The number is 204-0965. Jodi

You should definitely try to see Amy Huibonhoa in Berkeley. She is the most caring, wonderful doctor and is so sensitive that I sometimes feel like I'm talking to a close friend. She is also incredibly professional and has helped me through some tough medical issues. You can find many other recommendations for her in the parents network archives. Good luck. Carol

Feb 2004

Re: Hill Physicians Woman OB/GYN
I used a midwife for my son's birth after my OB moved away, but now I'm with Amy Huibonua in Berkeley (across the street from Alta Bates) and I love her. She is extremely nice, down to earth, and direct, and is who I will definitely use for my next baby. sl

Note: Many people have recommended Hank Streitfeld as their OB/Gyn to this list over the years. He has just announced a move to solo practice at 3000 Colby Street, 644-0110. His current patients will already know about this, but prospective patients browsing the recommendations should also know. (Fran, 2000) (See Recommendations for Hank Streitfeld )

Sept 2002

I'be been to a great gynocologist that I found through the Parent's Digest. Her name is Dr. Huibonhua. She's friendly, sensitive and very knowledgeable, I think. Toby

August 2001

regarding an ObGyn for miscarriage ...

(on Regent St right near Alta Bates). My Doula (Linda Jones-Mixon, who has been a doula in Berkeley for many years) highly recommended her after I decided to switch Dr.s (was seeing Dr. Kanwit) at about 3 months into my pregnancy. Dr. Huibonhua is extremely responsive, returns calls quickly, and is warm & caring. She is young but not yet cynical or burned out (according to my doula). I believe that if you are a pregnant a Dr. has to accept you as a new patient (not sure why but I am pretty sure that they can't turn you away). Ruth

With several recommendations, I began seeing Dr. Amy Huibonhoa (say we-BEN-wa) in my second trimester. I am still in her care for an injury sustained during delivery. However, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Huibonhoa to anyone looking for an OB. Her manner is very caring; she takes her time with you and treats you like a person; her office staff is very nice. In fact, she stayed with me for two hours while I was pushing! I knew I had found an excellent doctor when, for my first visit with her, I was shown into her office (not an exam room) and she spent over 15 minutes just talking with me. Dr. Brooks is also very skilled and treated me with respect. I only saw him during one office visit; also, when they had to induce my labor he was on-call. He made me feel comfortable and took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. I believe that Dr. Huibonhoa is not accepting new patients; perhaps she has a waiting list, or will be considering new patients at some time in the future. I would ask to speak with Patricia in her office for more specific advice on getting in to see Dr. Huibonhoa. Elaine

I would like to recommend the ob-gyns at the Omni Group (located just behind Alta Bates). My doctor is Amy Huibonhoa and I think she is wonderful. I have met the other physicians in the group and have friends who use them and are happy; they are Hank Streitfield and Albert Brooks. There are also 2 on-call doctors in addition to the regular staff.

I would highly recommend the Omni OB group. They are located in the Regent Street office building behind Alta Bates and all 3 physicians are wonderful. They are not the most efficient place in the world, but they do pretty well...and the wonderful care makes the occasional wait worth it. Caroline

She was our OB for the birth of our first child. She was great all the through prenatal - always thorough, kind, interested, and with plenty of time for questions. At one point we were worried about some test results, and she was very helpful, with lots of follow-up. As for the birth - we saw far more of her than most people do, as I went into labor the morning of the first big strike at Alta Bates this summer. There were no nurses available, so she, with backup from a few other doctors, handled everything from triage to post-delivery care. She was wonderful, and though we went to the hospital a bit anxious about how things would go, we were VERY happy with the care we got. I'd highly recommend her. Heather

I saw Brooks' partner, Hank Streitfeld through most of my pregnancy. But, there were times when Doc Streitfeld was delivering a baby and Dr. Brooks stepped in. He's a VERY nice, no, sweet man. He is patient, gently, very calm, and polite. He also has a great deal of experience and his partner, Streitfeld, is also very experienced. If either feel the baby or the mother is in trouble, they will not hesitate to do what is necessary for the health and well being of both. If that means referring to another specialist, that's what they will do.

I should say, though, while my pregnancy was problemmatic, I'm not sure I would call it high risk. So, I can't speak to high risk pregnancy issues. But, I do know that I receive excellent care from both of these two men. Hope this helps. Jeanette

My sister is a patient of Dr. Brooks and adores him. He delivered my nephew, but that was a fairly easy pregnancy. I watched him in action during my sister's delivery and he was great. Lesley

I have just started seeing Amy Huibonhoa (pron. wee-ben-wa) at Omni (2999 Regent #301, 204-0965) across from Alta Bates. She is taking new patients and is a member of the ABMG. I have been quite charmed by Amy, she is young and very bright with a wonderfully warm and straightforward manner. She has really put me at ease and thoroughly answers my questions (both the ones that require scientific/technical detail and just the general ones). I really feel lucky to have found such a gem! She was referred by my internist whose opinion I respect, and apparently many of the women doctors around Alta Bates have or are switching to Amy. Natasha

From: a parent

I 'd like to add my two cents' worth about OMNI Ob/Gyn. I saw Amy Huibonhoa for my last pregnancy and was VERY happy with the care I received. It's true that Amy is young and does not have the years of experience that Brooks and Streitfield (at the same practice) have, but the flip side of the coin is that she has not had years to become jaded with her career or impersonal with her patients. She treated me with respect, called me at home to check on my emotional and physical well-being after I had had a scare, was incredibly patient and good-humored with the 2 1/2 year old who tagged along at all my prenatal visits... I can't say enough good things about her. I felt very, very lucky to have found her.