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June 2006

Re: OB who will do a vaginal breech delivery
Madelyn Kahn--CPMC San Francisco. I am a former patient of Dr. Kahn's. I remember from a past conversation that she said she does deliver breech babies. She is a great OB/GYN too! Good luck! T

Nov. 2003

Hello, I have looked at the recommendations for ob/gyns in SF, but am looking for additional referrals for a female Ob/Gyn who is incredibly competent, experienced, and compassionate, and someone who also deals with many women over 35 years old. And someone who can work well with my RE and understands the various fertility treatments. I am switching doctors because my current one is very young and handles mainly very uneventful pregnancies and I just want to feel that my bases are covered! :) Any recommendations would be SO greatly appreciated. Thank you very much- Cindy

Dr. Madelyn Kahn (415-749-1939) is extremely professional and direct. I continue to cross the bridge for her after 13 years because of ultimate faith that she can ensure quality care and successful delivery of my children (now expecting #2 at 39 yrs. old.) I don't know what ''RE'' is is your original posting, but Dr. Kahn is definitely worth meeting and if she is not the right match she will refer you to someone who may be. Good luck- christina
I just have to second the recommendation given for Madelyn Kahn (415.749.1939). Like the last post does, I make the trip from Oakland to SF to see her and can't imagine ever finding a better obgyn. I'm dreading the day she retires! I've been with her for over 10 years and she's seen me through many obgyn issues (including a normal pregnancy and a miscarriage). I am constantly grateful for her kindness, wisdom and compassion. She is also super funny, really spunky and just instills so much confidence. She also doesn't cringe at my tears, which really helps! Like the last post wrote, you and she might not be a fit, but you should meet with her. Good luck!