Diablo Valley Women's OB/GYN Group (Concord, CA)

Concord, CA
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Jan 2009

Re: Need OB GYN to deliver nearWalnut Creek
I had a baby in October and had a wonderful OB/GYN, Dr. Kimberely Fillmore of Diablo Valley Women's Medical Group. Phone (925) 676-3450. Dr. Fillmore has been extremely attentive and supportive both during my pregnancy, during my delivery, my recovery while at the hospital, and in my ensuing post partum care (I had a c-section). A great aspect about her is that she takes her own after hours call, and so your pretty much guaranteed that she is going to be the one delivering you and not some other Doctor on duty for nights/weekends. Also, I noticed that she made her rounds at John Muir Walnut Creek for her patients in the evening allowing ample time with each. Also her practice staff is friendly and knowledgable which I also found to be a huge plus! Nan

September 2003

Hi- I wanted to say that Kimberly Fillmore is a great gyno. I moved down to the bay area in my 7th month of pregnancy and went under her care. She wasn't on call when I went into labor, but during all of my prenatal visits she was open and very friendly. She also gave me a good recommendation for a pediatrician in my area who I love now. After I had my son, she did come and visit me in the hospital and admired him and congratulated me. I really got a good feeling from her and I would use her again if I get pregnant. Anyway, I don't know if you are pregnant or just looking for regular OB/GYN appointments, but I really liked her and the other women in her practice. She works out of an office in Concord as well as one right across the street from John Muir in Walnut Creek. If you ARE pregnant, congratulations- I hope that everything works out for you. Shaana

August 2003

I highly recommend the Concord practice that includes: Drs. Anita Rama, Deborah Bankster and Kimberly Fillmore. Their phone number is 925-676-3450. The practice is very good about returning phone calls if you have questions or feel that something is wrong during the pregnancy. Dr. Rama was my ob/gyn for my second child who was born January '03. I went into the pregnancy knowing that it would be a scheduled c-section and the pregnancy had some complications. The office was very good about sending me to specialists and having necessary tests done. However, Dr. Rama was on vacation when, at 37.5 weeks, the baby decided to come early (after putting me on bed rest at 34 weeks). It was a very fast labor and we all had to get to the hospital quickly enough to do the c-section. Drs. Bankster and Fillmore arrived in time and and were wonderful - both were supportive, with a sense of humor that helped me through a somewhat stressful situation. They did a great job with both the surgery itself and the in hospital care post partum. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. dylyn

I would like to second the recommendation for Dr.Fillmore. I only discovered her after my daughter was born & am very comfortable with her.

Aug 2001

regarding recurrent miscarriages ...
I have the perfect OB/GYN for you. Her name is Kimberley Fillmore. Her office is in Concord. It's an all female office. I too had recurrent miscarriages and was told by other doctors to just keep trying. I think they blamed my age for all my pregnancy problems-I'm an old mom too. After seeing others (all men) in her office (she has since changed practices) I finally got her in the rotation. She took the bull by the horns and did some investigative work. She had me send about 5 quarts of blood (yes I'm exaggerating slightly) to the University of Chicago (I think, it's been awhile), and they tested my blood for every fertility disorder known to man (literally) that is diagnosable by blood tests. Back then it cost $500 and my insurance did not cover it (4 and a half years ago), but it was well worth the price. They found that I had an autoimmune disorder. Its only symptom is miscarriage in the first about 10 weeks (antiphospholipid antibody). I had been tested for lupus type antibodies and tested negative. The only treatment was a baby aspirin a day for my entire pregnancy. I guess those that have a higher titer of antibody have to inject heparin every day. Anyway - get Dr. Fillmore. She's very analytical and relatively blunt but she will go the extra mile for you. She also relates to men very well (my husband loves her) and has a nice dry sense of humor (when the situation calls for it). She also loves babies and will do just about anything to get them born safely. The only down side is that her office is very busy and you may have to be persistent to get in, but you will be happy you made the effort. I have found that OB/GYNs are often late for appointments, including Kimberley, but that's because emergencies come up and babies get born at often-inconvenient times. I look at it this way: If I'm having an emergency I'd want the OB/GYN to drop everthing and take care of me, and my payment for that is waiting for late doctors sometimes. Anyway, with Kimberley the story about why she was late was often worth the wait. I won't say it was easy even after the diagnosis. I still had pre-eclampsia and had to go on bed rest at about 6 mos. gestation with my first baby, but I now have two beautiful children and I owe that to her and her willingness to go the extra mile for me. Here are the details:

Dr. Kimberley Fillmore
2299 Bacon Street #1
Concord, CA 94520
Please don't let the Concord location dissuade you. We bopped over the hill and got to her office in about 20 minutes. If you see her tell her I sent you. Good luck, Julie