Contra Costa Medical Group for Women (Hercules)

Hercules, CA

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May 2008

Re: High risk OB in John Muir net. -cerclage
My doctor is not with John Muir but she is AWESOME nevertheless! I also had to have a cerclage with my first child second though we used a Pessary (BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD) non-invasive and no hospitals and spinals! It was put in place in the doctors office non painful it was such an awesome alternative and I can't suggest it enough!

My doctor is Dr. Lilia Lizano at Contra Costa Medical Group for Women in Hercules. She is amazing and currently the only OBGyn offering this in the Bay Area. My happy and healthy baby girl now nearly 4 months is doing just Fabulous! Happy Mommy of a Pessary Graduate!