Drs. Polito & Zellner (San Leandro)

San Leandro, CA

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April 2004

Seeking a recommendation for Dr. Marvin Zellner an OB/GYN based in San Leandro. If you know him or have any information about him, please let me know. I just moved to San Leandro and am looking for a new OB/GYN. If you have other OB/GYN Dr. recommendations I welcome those suggestions as well. Thank you. Melinda

I've been with Dr. Zellner through both of my pregnancies, and I'm pretty happy. The doctor is very nice, and ready to answer your questions, if you have any, but don't expect him to tell you everything if you don't ask :) I didn't have any pregnancy complications, thank G-d, so can't tell you anything about that, but I've been through a very long labor, and he let me go far more than 24 hours after my water broke and didn't mention anything about the C-section. I was very thankful for that! His staff are just wonderful. At the end of my first pregnancy, I felt like they are my close family :) They are always helpful, and will always give you the most convenient time for your appointment.

My other recommendation would be Dr. Polito. He is in the same group as Dr. Zellner. I've seen him only a couple of times, when Dr. Zellner was on vacation, but what I really liked was that I didn't feel ANYTHING, when he performed an internal exam :) His equipment is very good too. You might like to check him out. Hope it helps. Happy patient