Allen Nan, MD

Pinole, CA
No longer in business
Editors' Notes: 

Editor Note May 2017: unable to find information online about this doctor and Yelp has him "Closed."

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I ended up in a c-section (after laboring for a few more hours) with a Dr. I'd never met who was awesome. His name is Allen Nan of Pinole and if I ever have another child I'll look into signing on with his practice. His calming, supportive, flexible attitude and communication skills beat that other practice hands down. And this from someone who wanted a woman doctor at her birth... J.


We just moved to Pinole (from El Cerrito) and would greatly appreciate any reccomendations for OB-GYNs. Allison

I highly recommend my OB/GYN, Dr. Allen Nan. He has been my OB through two kids. He's wonderfully patient, kind, funny, and reassuring. I followed him from another practice where he wasn't my primary physician, but after one meeting with him, I wanted to switch! He's with a group (originally the East Bay Fertility, but now I think they are just OB/GYN) and have offices in Berkeley as well. His office is in Pinole, and he delivers at Alta Bates. I live in SF now, and still drive to Pinole to see him. Melissa