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Dec 2008

Re: Homebirth-friendly OB Gyn
Dr. Farney. He is independent. He has an office in Alameda and in Novato. Even if Alameda is not very convenient for you, I would recommend seeing him. He is a very good doctor. He was my doctor when I was pregnant and after (I had midwives as well). I too wanted a homebirth. I did not end up having one (my son was breech) so we especially felt very fortunate to have Dr. Farney as he is very experienced and I had as positive a birth experience with a C-section as I could have imagined. Best of luck. zen

Feb 2006

Re: New primary care provider and a new gynecologist
i'm not sure what the scope of my ob is...but...i highly recommend Dr. Farney. i used him after i gave birth with my midwife because i had all kinds of post labor problems. i went to his office in alameda, though he may have another. i LOVED him (and his entire staff!!) and found him to be extremeley thorough and competent. he offers consultations, at least he did initially for me. his number is 510.522.4130. best of luck. jessica