Richard Kochenburger, MD

(510) 522-6544

2111-A Whitehall Place
Alameda, California 94501

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Sept 2010

Re: OB-GYN in Berkeley area with holistic mindset
Dr. Richard Kochenburger in Alameda is very open-minded and happily supports holistic-minded clients. I told him that I wanted to go as natural as possible with my pregnancy and he was so helpful with suggesting healthy alternatives as opposed to prescribing medications. And he easily accessible through email as well! Natural in Oakland

Sept 2008

Dr Richard Kochenburger is my ob/gyn in Alameda and is very friendly and professional. He delivered my twin girls by c-section this past April and I had no problems whatsoever. I'd highly recommend him if possible, if you haven't delivered yet! rjp

February 2000

I live in Alameda, and Dr. Richard Kochenburger is my OB/Gyn. He works in a practice at 2111 Whitehall Place (near South Shore) with two other doctors, Dr. Nancy Everett and Dr. Norman Takaki. Dr. Kochenburger delivered my two daughters at Alameda Hospital (the last one about 10 months ago), but the practice was moving towards delivering at Summit instead of Alameda Hospital for the very reasons you mentioned. I have had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Kochenburger and have heard positive things about the other two doctors as well. They were quite old-fashioned in that each doctor tried as much as possible to do their own deliveries (rather than whoever was on call). I also appreciated the Saturday hours. I am not sure if they accept Prudential Healthcare, but you can call them at 522-6544 to check.