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2320 Woolsey Street, suite 314 Berkeley

March 2012

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a pediatrician and a pediatric allergist in the Berkeley/Oakland/Alameda area that accepts Health Net. My 2-year-old daughter struggles during the rainy season with allergies, which often result in congestion and frequent ear infections. She had ear tubes put in this past July, however they have since fallen out, resulting in more ear infections. My hope is to reduce/prevent the frequent congestion that often results in ear infections, rather than have more tubes put in. From what I have read, having tubes put in more than 1-2 times, can result in scar tissue that can be more damaging than the infections themselves. I would also like to prevent her from being pumped with antibiotics for the next few years. I am very disappointed with how her current pediatrician is treating my daughter's health issues (Just pumping her with anti-biotics). Any recommendations for another pediatrician and allergist would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! susan

We have HealthNet, and we've gone to Jim Nickelsen in Berkeley: Allergy and Asthma Medical Group 3010 Colby Street, Suite 221 510/644-2316 Dr. Nickelsen is very kind and always wears a fun, kid-focused tie! My child ended up going the allergy shot route for three years. It helped with spring allergies, but they didn't go away completely. Jenne

Jan 2008

Does anyone have a favorite allergist and/or ENT specialist? My allergy issues seem to be related to sinus issues, so I'm not sure which to try first, but I'm really, really tired of coughing and being stuffed up every night (though generally fine during the day-and it doesn't really seem to be related to my bedding). I have blue cross/blue shield PPO so can access a fairly wide range of doctors, but would probably favor either someone close to Oakland/Berkeley or someone with an enthusiastic recommendation. Some of the allergists that I know are on the list: Nancy Mozelsio, James Nickelson, William Lenoir. There are some very old and enthusiastic recommendations for Nickelson on the website, (also mentioning how busy he is). but nobody else. Some of the ENTs: William Lewis, Wade Cartwright, Fred Rosen, Robert Weman, Sheldon Kabaker, John Carrigg. There isn't much on the website about ENTs generally, and what's there is old Thanks Janet

Jim Nickelsen is my allergist (I also have asthma and sinus problems and Richard Kerbavez, also a wonderful doctor, did a balloon sinuplasty procedure in October to unblock my chronically blocked sinuses and hopefully, prevent further asthma exacerbations). I think Nickelsen is great. He listens like no doctor ever listened to me before or since because he really takes the time, shuts his mouth and lets you talk. Then he asks probing followup questions and ponders, sometimes for quite a while in silence, and then responds. It's quite an amazing experience to have a doctor who is so thoughtful, who considers you as an individual without trying right away to pigeonhole which category you fit into. He's helped me to manage my asthma and now I am receiving allergy shots at his office, where the staff are warm, welcoming and skilled. H.

July 2004

Re: Allergist/nutritionalist for son's allergies

Hi - Dr. Jim Nickelson in Berkeley was great with my son. He sees both adult and pediatric patients. His office staff were very helpful. My son had some of the same issues your son had. I never found the pediatricians very helpful either, perhaps because my son's allergies were never extreme, but rather constant and annoying. Dr. Nickelson took a lot of time to discuss the concerns I had about my son. He did allergy testing and explained the results well.

He also diagnosed my son's not so serious scalp condition as a type of eczema. One treatment with the elocon (sp?) ointment, and it disapeared. It has returned, but is much more mild. I had been told that it was dandruff by his pediatrician. It wasn't a big deal, but it was nice to have an answer after 3 years with a flakey spot and thinning hair! anon

July 2002

We would like to see an allergist to find out what we are allergic (often quite severe attacks) to. The one our regular doctor recommended is not giving appointments till May and the postings on the website are 3-4 years old. Thanks, Rajesh

Dr. Jim Nickelson (on Telegraph Avenue at Woolsey) is excellent. If he's the one who can't see you until May, I'd wait. The reason he can't see you for a new patient appointment is that he's taking as much time as necessary to make sure the patients he's got get the care they need. I went to him for skin testing, and have pretty much seen him monthly since, to fine-tune treatment for bad asthma. He's good, and a good person. ph # 644-2316. Heather

My husband also ran into this with Jim Nickelson about the same time. Just about everyone wants to go see him right about this time since their allergies get really bad right now. It is worth waiting since he's very good. Myriam

May 2000

I see an allergist, Dr. Jim Nickelsen, who has been recommended by myself and many others on this list. He's great with both adults and kids, and is on many insurance plans. What is less well-known is that his wife, Julie Nickelsen, is (I believe) a GP. So it is possible to get coordinated care in their office, with your son seeing Dr. Julie for checkups and other routine (or emergency!) concerns, and seeing Dr. Jim should any specific allergy/asthma concerns arise. They are located at Woolsey and Telegraph, which is a quick shot into Berkeley down 13 (in non-rush hour traffice) from Montclair. The phone number for the office is 644-2316. Good luck, Dawn

My son has allergy-induced asthma. We were lost, frightened, and in life-threatening straits twice before we got proper care from Jim
Nickelsen. He has all the best training and credentials, and is also intuitive, supportive, realistic, practical, and absolutely committed to finding the best solution or treatment possible. He believes that a parent knows her child better than anyone else and (though he's never been overt about it), he has nurtured my ability to deal with the disease & the drugs---he's turned me into a confident expert.

He treats kids and adults (I realize I've waxed on here about his pediatric care, which isn't the question at the moment), and works with allergies of all kinds. His nurses and office staff are wonderful.

April 1998

I have been very happy with my Allergist, James Nickelsen, at 2320 Woolsey (just off Telegraph). His phone number is 644-2316. He serves all ages from small children through adults, and accepts many insurance plans. Dawn

Jim Nickelsen, M.D., is a gentle, thoughtful allergist who sees both kids and adults. We used him for my son and were very impressed and have referred several friends who see him now. His phone number is 644-2316, and he's at Woolsey and Telegraph. Beth