Julie Nickelsen, MD (Berkeley, CA)

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2320 Woolsey St Ste 314 Berkeley, CA
Sept 2005

Re: Female GP in Alameda or Oakland
Dr. Julie Nickelsen has been my primary care doctor since 1989. She is kind, caring and compassionate and so are the people in her office. I do not know whether she is taking new patients, but I like her very much. She delivered my daughter (now 13) and is my daughter's doctor as well. I would highly recommend her. The only downside is that she doesn't work every day and is alone in her practice, so there may be times that you can't get in to see her. Also, she is a part of Hills Physicians and I have had other health issues requiring referrals and have not been happy with the specialist doctors I've seen in that group. But, Julie is great! Good luck. Ann

Nov 2001

Re: Female physician for teen daughter
Dr. Julie Nickelsen is a wonderful Family Practic physician (for kids and adults). She's on Health Net, but I don't know if she's taking any new patients. Her phone is 841-2822. Liz