Frank Lucido, MD


2300 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

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July 2011

my exceptional physician is closing her practice to teach full-time. what's unique about her is that above and beyond her incomperable medical skills, she is not judgemental of any non-self-destructive human choices of lifestyle, appearance, belief, etc. she'll get to understand. i'm 63, and pretty unusual, i think, in appearance, behavior, etc. so i guess i'm looking for a doctor near 94706 who is really smart, and who will accept me, and my decisions. and of course someone with first level medical chops. any suggestions? thank you. this whole thing has me really shaken up. l.

You could try Frank Lucido or his FNP Maria Mangini. They're 94704 but very open-minded. Frank is famous for his expertise on medical cannibus and Maria is deep into zen. But their main practice is Family Medicine. A nice office in an old fashioned building near campus. Good luck

May 2009

Re: Primary Care Doctor-Oakland Berkeley
Maria Mangini, NP is the perfect PCP for you! She is the most thorough, compassionate, skilled clinician (incl MDs)I've ever encountered. She takes time, listens, addresses each concern methodically. She explains her thought process, and really knows her stuff. She works with Frank Lucido, MD, who I'm not as enthusiastic about. (, 2300 Durant Berkeley)Unfortunately, in California, Maria cannot ''officially'' be your PCP, but you can see her for most things. The office staff are very professional, and try to ''go the extra mile'' for patients, too. They stopped taking our ins, so I can't see her anymore. But if you're as flexible as you say, Maria is likely to be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. big fan


Re: Limited Immunizations & Alternative Medicine (2001)
Another doc who has been recommended to me is Frank Lucido in Oakland, not sure exactly where. My sister-in-law uses him for her son, who is not vaccinated, and adores him and his office. Tara

From: Diana (7/98)

I see Dr. Judith Jones at the family practice of Drs. Lucido and Jones. Originally my entire family saw Dr. Saper there, but he left shortly after Judy joined the practice. She now takes good care of my whole family. Dr. Lucido is also quite nice and well respected. I've seen him once or twice to my satisfaction. On the whole the office staff is friendly and I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes in the lobby. My complaint with them is the same complaint I have with every western doctor - visits are just too cursory (especially well baby visits). However, for MD's they are supportive of alternative medicine and sensitive issues like delaying or refusing certain vaccinations for my child. I also got a good referral from Dr. Jones to a hand specialist and then to physical therapists I was quite happy with. Good central Berkeley location near the campus on Durant at Ellsworth. Anyway, the phone number is 848-0958.

From: Christina

If you need a dr. who's covered by health net (among others) and who isn't totally gung ho on antibiotics and immunizations, try the practice of Dr. Robert Saper and Frank Lucido in berkeley--we use them for general visits and diagnosing stuff since it only costs us $5, THEN we go to Christine if he says our son has an ear infection or something. Ned hasn't yet been on antibiotics and we gave him his immunizations much later than most people--Dr. Saper is pretty supportive of our use of homeopathy and alternative treatments. He is respectful of our decisions and doesn't push allopathic medicine on us but lets us know his concerns if he disagrees with something we're doing. He's a GP not just a pediatrician so we use him too, which is nice, having him know all of us to some degree.