Michiyo (Mildred) Kawachi, MD


2006 Dwight Way
Suite 107
Berkeley, CA 94704

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2011

Re: Mystery illness doctor needed
I strongly suggest you call Dr. Michiyo/Mildred Kawachi. Her number is 540-8777. Michi is a highly respected and much loved internist who's had a practice in Berkeley for many years. I discovered when I had Relapsing Fever from a soft tick bite that mysterious illnesses are her great love. And when my husband was in Alta Bates ICU a couple times I also discovered that lots of the nurses that work there have Michi as their primary care doctor. And they don't come to her only because they can actually read what she writes in the charts. They know she listens, thinks, and gets to know her patients. Do bring something to read. All of her patients know she's going to take the amount of time each patient really needs so she can often be running late. jw

April 2007

Re: Internist in Berkeley or Oakland
For approximately 10 years, I've been seeing Dr. Kawachi on Dwight in Berkeley. I usually refer to her as my internist goddess as she is like few other medical practioners I've seen. (Garrett Smith is right up there if you need an oncologist.) She takes time to listen (and discuss- be sure you have plenty of money in the parking meter as running late is an issue). Unlike so many other doctors caught up in our mismanged care dysfunctional system, Dr. Kawachi manages to keep it all caring. She has returned calls- even on weekends. I've had a few significant health issues, such as cancer, and she's been there- even more than my oncologist at the Alta Bates cancer factory- another story. I think Dr. Kawachi is current on research and an intelligent person who communicates well. When I've needed something fast such as an appointment, test or prescription, it happened. Ok, the down sides are- it's a small office and I've heard it's difficult to become one of her clients. For most appointments there is at least half a hour wait but knowing this, one can plan to bring a book. indigo

Aug 2002

I see Dr. Kawachi (Female/ABMG/Albany)... Really like her, the office and especially the nurse practioner who is just great! The office is on San Pablo and has its own parking lot (a big plus!). Dr. Kawachi is great! candace

I highly recommend Michigo Kawachi. Both my wife and I switched to her after we asked our girls' pediatrician who *her* personal physician was. She is probably in her late 40s, perhaps not as young as you might be looking for, but she's very energetic and extremely personable. I think your daughter would relate to her fine. More to the point, she's a good doctor. I experienced a series of medical problems last year, and Dr. Kawachi was right on top of things. As I interacted with various specialists, I could see that Dr. Kawachi is highly respected in the medical community.

One other point about her that you should know, that can be both a negative and a positive. She always runs late, often very late. The good news is that she spends a lot of time with her patients, rather than trying to hurry them out the door. But it can be frustrating waiting your turn, if you're not expecting it. I go to my appointments armed with plenty of reading material! Other than that, she's great. Good luck with your decision.