Kaiser Walnut Creek Primary Physicians

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April 2011

I'm looking for recomendation for a primary care Physician for Kaiser In Walnut Creek or Martinez that has holistic / naturopath leanings. I just switched to my husbands insurance so have to leave a doctor I love. Daphne

I have Kaiser and recently switched my primary care physician to Dr. Nancy Chang at Kaiser Park Shadelands in Walnut Creek. For the first time since having Kaiser (it's been many years now) I really like my primary care physician. And I generally don't like doctors in the first place, so for me to like her means something. She really spent a lot of time with me and was the first doctor to appear to actually listen to me and care about my health. http://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/provider/nancychang Good luck! Happy with my doctor

Jan 2011

Does anybody have a recommendation for a good internist at Kaiser Shadelands (Walnut Creek)? I am not thrilled with the one I have at the downtown WC location and Shadelands is closer to home, so thought I'd ask. Female preferred (no offense to the men/male doctors out there). Thanks!

There are a few new female MD's on board at this clinic, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one. Not all the physicians are able to see new patients because their caseload is full, but you can check out physicians by asking to get an appt with one, and seeing if you feel comfortable with her. Some very very good clinicians include Drs. Emily Nock, Gita Moarefi, Suneeti Sapru. Others include Joy Catolico, Susan Rapp, and Sara Rotner, Susan Chuang, and Susan Bell.There are alot to choose from, and their patients like them alot. good luck

Aug 2008

My husband recently changed jobs and we now have Kaiser health insurance. I'm looking for recommendations for a pediatrician, pediatric allergist, pediatric dermotologist, gynocologist and internist/primary care in Walnut Creek. (My youngest has eczema, serious food allergies and asthma.) Thanks! Jennifer

My husband loves his primary care physician--her name is Nancy Chang. (I am not so in love w/mine and am thinking of switching.) kaiser content