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Tummy tuck at Kaiser?

Nov 2006

Hi ~ so after having 2 10 lb babies, I'm starting to think about possibly getting a tummy tuck to get rid of all the wrinkled skin around my belly button. Apparently Kaiser does cosmetic surgery in SF and San Jose, among others. Does anyone have any experience with any doctors at either facility? And, if I'm also looking to repair muscle separation (1-2 inches), which I hear will help decrease lower back pain, is any portion of the surgery ever covered? Any input/advice would be most appreciated! anon

I highly recommend Kaiser's Cosmetic surgery unit. I chose to have my cosmetic surgery there 4 yrs ago and paid 1/2 the price as a friend of mine that went to a private doctor in SF. The clinics at that time were located in different cities, like Hayward and San Leandro, so you may end up doing some driving, but it's fine. The doctors knew the latest procedures and had the latest equipment. They do a full consultation and review all the choices thoroughly. Their assistants were also very well trained and competent. I was initially suspicious, but they turned out to be very good Anon