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  • Kaiser Plastic Surgery for breast reduction

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    Kaiser has approved me for a breast reduction, but I’m having a hard time getting any real info on their surgeons. Has anyone had a good Kaiser plastics experience they are willing to share or a doctor recommendation? 

    thanks in advance! 

    I had excellent care from Dr. Jane Hewon Kim. Highly recommend. 

    I had a great experience with Kaiser Plastic Surgeon, Chris Gold. I live in Berkeley but  chose him even though he was outside of my region. And I didn’t regret it  Good luck

  • Plastic surgeon

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    Looking  for anyone who has had experience with plastic surgery and who you would recommend.  Looking at in the Kaiser network but other bay area specialist as well.  

    Thanks in advance 

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    I have worked with Dr. Hornick at Kaiser Oakland- about 9 years ago and again recently. He did my reconstruction after breast cancer, but I think he also does general plastic surgery. He's excellent.

  • Kaiser Plastic Surgeon

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    Hello Community, 

    Im looking for recommendations or to hear about anyone's experience with plastic surgeons in Kaiser (any in Bay area) specifically for a breast reduction. Thank you

    RE: Kaiser Plastic Surgeon ()

    Jane Kim in Oakland is a spectacular plaastic surgeon and her specialty is breast surgery. Best of luck.

    RE: Kaiser Plastic Surgeon ()

    Hi. I got a breast reduction at Kaiser in 2011 and it was overall a great experience. It was covered by my insurance and my surgeon was fantastic. Her name is Jane Kim, and she did a great job. I highly recommend her. 

  • Kaiser Breast Reconstruction Doctors

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     I am a breast cancer survivor who had a lumpectomy and radiation at Kaiser. I want to have my radiated breast reconstructed with fat grafting or other means ( but do not want implant).

     I hope to hear from other Kaiser patients regarding plastic surgeon doctor recommendations and experiences with fat grafting to radiated breast or other surgery used to reconstruct  breast.

    Hi,  I had bc last year and was treated at Kaiser in Walnut Creek. First, I had a surgical biopsy/lumpectomy with dirty margins.  My second surgery was done by my oncological surgeon along with my Kaiser plastic surgeon, Tina Smith, in WC.  They removed the cancer, then my non cancer breast was reduced to match the cancer breast and then the tissue of the cancer breast was rearranged so I had two matching, smaller breasts.  I really liked Tina Smith and would recommend her.  I am pleased with the results.  I ended up having some wound separation issues that took a few months to heal which was a drag, but it was just an unfortunate thing that happened and I don't believe it had anything to do with the quality of the surgery. This was all done before my radiation, so I don't have any input on fat grafting.  Good luck :)

    You should see Dr. Benjamin Hornik at Kaiser Oakland. I had mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction in March. Mine case was pre-radiation but from my initial appointment with him, I got a strong feeling that he prefers not doing implants because of the risk of infection.  I will be using him again for my "clean up" surgery post radiation. He was the only plastic surgeon that Dr. Shim, the director of the Breast Care Center recommended for the procedure.  Good luck. Fell free to message me if you have any other questions.

  • My 18 yo daughter will be having a medically-needed breast reduction at Kaiser this summer.  I would like to hear from others who have gone through this surgery how their experience was with Kaiser Oakland.  Is there a surgeon you'd recommend?  We're also open to having the surgery at another Kaiser hospital if the surgeon is worth travelling to! 

    Three years ago I had my consultations and follow up appointments at Kaiser Walnut Creek. The actual surgery was at Kaiser Antioch. All with Dr. Chen. I don't remember why the surgery was in Antioch. That's just the way it was and I didn't care. I just wanted it done. I live in Walnut Creek though. Different procedures/tasks can be distributed among different facilities within a medical system so you may have no choice where your daughter gets this done. Hopefully for her convenience and comfort it all goes down in Oakland. The whole thing from first consult to recovery went very very well. I am so happy with the results. Walnut Creek From Oakland is no biggie. Antioch from Oakland is a schlep for sure but it's a nice new facility and if all goes well she will go home right after the surgery so you won't have to go there more than once. You may contact me for more info if you would like to. Good luck to your daughter

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Tummy tuck at Kaiser?

Nov 2006

Hi ~ so after having 2 10 lb babies, I'm starting to think about possibly getting a tummy tuck to get rid of all the wrinkled skin around my belly button. Apparently Kaiser does cosmetic surgery in SF and San Jose, among others. Does anyone have any experience with any doctors at either facility? And, if I'm also looking to repair muscle separation (1-2 inches), which I hear will help decrease lower back pain, is any portion of the surgery ever covered? Any input/advice would be most appreciated! anon

I highly recommend Kaiser's Cosmetic surgery unit. I chose to have my cosmetic surgery there 4 yrs ago and paid 1/2 the price as a friend of mine that went to a private doctor in SF. The clinics at that time were located in different cities, like Hayward and San Leandro, so you may end up doing some driving, but it's fine. The doctors knew the latest procedures and had the latest equipment. They do a full consultation and review all the choices thoroughly. Their assistants were also very well trained and competent. I was initially suspicious, but they turned out to be very good Anon