Kaiser Plastic Surgeon for Teen's Breast Reduction

My 18 yo daughter will be having a medically-needed breast reduction at Kaiser this summer.  I would like to hear from others who have gone through this surgery how their experience was with Kaiser Oakland.  Is there a surgeon you'd recommend?  We're also open to having the surgery at another Kaiser hospital if the surgeon is worth travelling to! 

Parent Replies

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Three years ago I had my consultations and follow up appointments at Kaiser Walnut Creek. The actual surgery was at Kaiser Antioch. All with Dr. Chen. I don't remember why the surgery was in Antioch. That's just the way it was and I didn't care. I just wanted it done. I live in Walnut Creek though. Different procedures/tasks can be distributed among different facilities within a medical system so you may have no choice where your daughter gets this done. Hopefully for her convenience and comfort it all goes down in Oakland. The whole thing from first consult to recovery went very very well. I am so happy with the results. Walnut Creek From Oakland is no biggie. Antioch from Oakland is a schlep for sure but it's a nice new facility and if all goes well she will go home right after the surgery so you won't have to go there more than once. You may contact me for more info if you would like to. Good luck to your daughter