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Aug 2012

Hello, I am seeking a pediatrician at Kaiser for my soon to be born twins. Would anyone have any recommendations on who they use and love? Thanks! marisa

I have the perfect pediatrician for you. Both my kids (2 & 8 months) see Dr. Angela Wong at Kaiser SF. She is the mother of young twins herself and gets a lot of requests from parents of twins. She is very kind and gentle with the kids and I have complete trust in her. Tracy

Oct 2009

We're going to be moving to San Francisco early next year and plan on changing pediatricians. Can anyone suggest a good pediatrician at Kaiser San Francisco?

I love our pediatrician at Kaiser SF: Shannon Udovic-Constant. I have also heard great things about Kimberly Newell. Kerrie


Can anyone recommend a pediatrician at Kaiser in San Francisco? I had to sign up myself and my baby under my husband's medical plan. Our daughter is 4 months old.

gAs for the pediatrician, we go to a nurse practitioner and also really like her- Melissa Gonden. She's great with our little girl. Hope this helps. Melissa

Pediatrician my 22 month old son has gone to Dr. Alison Niederer since birth. We really like her, she's friendly and listens really well. His backup is a nurse practitioner, Barbara Wylie. I like Wylie too but every time we've been scheduled to see her she was WAY behind and we have had to wait FOREVER(minimum 45 minutes, very irritating) I try to avoid appointments with Wylie for that reason. terri