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Feb 2008

I am moving into the Pleasanton area and would like to get recommendations for a Primary care physician, OBGYN, pediatrician. I checked the postings and didn't find any. Would appreciate recommendations. Thank you! Anon

We moved to Pleasanton about a year ago. My kids see Dr. Patrick Mullin at Kaiser and we think he's just great! We highly recommend him. Very happy with Kaiser Pleasanton

Feb 2006

Currently, I'm not sure how Doctors are assigned within the Kaiser organization/structure. Can anyone express their experiences with any of the Pediatric Doctors in the Pleasanton area please. Also, any feedback in regards as to how Doctors are assigned would be very helpful. Thank you!!! Veronica

What a coincidence! I am one of the Kaiser pediatricians who work in Pleasanton (although I live near Berkeley). This must be one of the few times I've seen anything on the Parents network asking about Pleasanton area. About the Kaiser system...you choose your own primary care doctors--Internal medicine, pediatrics and OB-GYN. You can either do it over the web (see below) or when you are first seen in clinic. There is also a physician selection 800 number (which I don't know off hand). You cannot choose a physician when you call the call center for an appointment (for a number of arcane computer system reasons). I think the easiest way is to choose over the internet. Just Google the Kaiser Permanente site. On the home page, click on the ''members'' icon on the left (0nce you've chosen the northern california region). Once you get to the members page, you'll see ''A vital step: Choose your own physician'' on the left. After that, the program is self-explanatory. You can see which pediatricians at Pleasanton have open practices and you can check out each open panel pediatrician's home page so you can learn more about him/her. The site allows you to choose a pediatrician (or other primary care doctor). You can also link to all sorts of pediatric health information from the physician's home pages. I'm not sure, but I think the first time you get on the site, you might also be asked to choose a password. The Kaiser Permanente web site has a lot of interesting information--when you have a chance, you should check it out further. One other thing...if you choose a doctor, and decide after meeting that person, you don't feel comfortable with him, it's okay to change again. You're not locked in. I have a closed practice, otherwise I'd offer to take you. Good luck with your decision and welcome to Kaiser! madelyn