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Sept 2008

Hi All, I just gave birth to a preemie and I live in Martinez - I urgently need recommendations for good pediatricians preferably in Martinez...thanks! J.

I also delivered a preemie and take my son to Dr. Hayati at Kaiser Martinez. He has a great rapport with my 2 year old, is patient and thorough, and always takes time to answer questions. I never feel rushed at our appointments. Dr. Hayati is also very responsive to emails about non-urgent issues. The only downside is that he is considering retiring in the next year or so. I hear positive comments about the other pediatricians at Kaiser Martinez, but don't yet have any personal experience with them. Pleased Kaiser Parent

March 2006

Re: Kaiser Martinez Ob/Gyns
I am also thrilled with all the pediatricians at Kaiser, particularly Dr. Hayati in Martinez, Dr. Hearey in WC Shadelands, but really, they are all good. I like the pace at Martinez better than WC. THere is always parking and people take their time with you more. I see other docs in WC, Sanjeeta Baronia for internal medicine in WC. Happy Kaiser Patient